One Year of Maternity Leave during a Pandemic

family feet mum dad and son

That’s it, my maternity leave is coming to an end. In three weeks I am back at work and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I mean, I kind of do: nervous, anxious, guilty and sad. There is a tiny bit of excitement but that vanishes as soon as I remember that we are in the middle of a pandemic and working in an hospital isn’t the best.

I had so many plans for this past year: go to as many baby classes as we could, enjoy the summer in a pub nearby at the riverside, take him to the park to meet my mummy work friends, to go home a few times so he could meet all the family. So, so many plans… Oh, and I also wanted to blog frequently and that never happen.

Yet, when I am close to get back to work, I get this writing bug that will only go when I publish this post. This past year didn’t go as planned but it was still the best year of my life so far. Being with my son 24/7 can be exhausting and draining but it is also the best thing ever and a love like no other. This maternity leave taught me so much and I also rediscovered myself.

So I thought I’d share a bit of what happened these past few months and slowly get back into blogging. I feel like I found my identity. I am not trying to be like everyone else, I like sharing the real me, the struggles, the joys, the challenges and just be raw about everything.

Anyway, this past year…

After Matias was born, we had the chance to really settle into our routine and that’s where this pandemic made things easy. It was lovely not to have people around all the time to meet the baby. We could rest, adapt and enjoy our newborn bubble.

We were lucky enough to be able to go back home (Portugal) during the summer. Matias’s first flight at 3 1/2 months old! It was amazing and although there were a few restrictions, we were able to enjoy it so so much. The baby carrier was definitely a life safer at the airport!

We got a connection flight so we got to stay in a hotel in Lisbon. Matias behaved so well! We went to the beach and had so much fun together, although Matias didn’t quite enjoy the sea haha. But we’ve had the best time and we got to meet the family again.

Then, we got back and I think I felt a bit lost. I wanted to have something else to focus on (as if I didn’t have enough on my hands) so I started my own Etsy Shop  and I am so so proud of what I have achieved so far. I know I could have much more sales if I worked harder but I just wanted a little escape and it was honestly one of the things that saved me going mad during these crazy times that we’re living.

I also started another little side hustle selling skincare products and got to be part of an incredible team that is Begins With You. The incredible community of empowered women that cheer each other for every little achievement. I know that there is a lot of misconceptions around network marketing but I promise you that if you get with the right company, it can save you during some hard times.

We celebrated my husbands 30th with a little lockdown birthday party just the three of us. I spent way to much on a birthday cake but it was worth it! We have these lovely memories to look back at and I would do it all over again.

We also bought a new car, a nice family sized one just in time for when my parents came over to spend a few days with us. I loved having them here. Lockdown was lifted for a while so we were able to go to Liverpool for a day and the Lake District too!

mother and son with Blackpool tower

Matias was 6 months around this time so we started his weaning journey! God it was fun haha I still breastfed until he was 9 months but he had solids during the day. It was a little bit challenging but very very exciting too!

baby in high chair

Then my birthday came around, 29 years old. So another party for us three this time with the cutest cupcakes! But we did go to a garden centre just to make the day a little bit more exciting.

family with birthday balloons, flowers and cupcakes

We then were able to go back home AGAIN (yes!! I know, how lucky are we?) for Christmas and New Year. And honestly it felt so so good to get back home and have a bit of normality.

family with matching xmas pjs

Madeira Island always had very little amount of COVID cases so although there were restrictions in place, we still got to enjoy Christmas with our family and watch the fireworks.

family with fireworks in the back ground

After that, I feel like it’s all a blur. We got back on the first week of January and since then we have been locked inside during lockdown 3.0 and it feels like it’s never ending. I am back at work in three weeks and that’s it, my maternity leave is finished.

I can’t help but to feel like this maternity leave was stolen from me but at the same time, I know that I did everything I could to enjoy this year as much as possible.

Oh and Matias is now 10 months, has 2 teeth at the bottom, 2 peaking through at the top, know how to roll, crawl and sit up on his own. He loves his food, loves music and books! He his such a smiley happy little boy. He’s my love and my joy! And thanks to being able to have one year off maternity, I was there to see him achieve every milestone.

So, that’s it. Nothing exciting happened during this time off on maternity leave but I thought I’d do a quick round up of what I’ve been up to so I can get back to the normal content around here.

I think I’ll keep it at one post a week. Better less and good content that loads of crap that no one wants to read, right?

Meanwhile, I’d really appreciate if you gave my Instagram a quick follow! I left ‘thelisasworld’ and changed to what used to be @fertilitychats and is now called @themummysaurus. Yes, we are making him LOVE dinosaurs so we can watch Jurassic Park together!

Love you and leave you,

talk to you all soon!