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Let’s change things a little bit.. let’s talk about all the things we should be looking forward to when this is all over! I am slightly fed up of all the negativity going around although I know it is difficult to stay positive in times like this. But I think people are focusing on all the wrong things! Most choose to always talk about the stuff this self-isolation thing is stopping them for doing. Don’t get me wrong – that upsets me as well. My parents were going to come to the UK for the baby’s arrival and now it’s all canceled. I wanted to have a last date night with my husband to a fancy restaurant and a get together with my closest friends before life changes completely and I won’t be able to do that.

I had all these plans to enjoy the weeks of peace and quiet before his birth but it’s all gone out of the window. I am having all the piece and quiet in the world but there’s a lot more I wish I was doing than just cleaning my house, re-packing the hospital back and organising my drawers. But it is our reality at the moment and so I have decided to shift things around and focus on all the good. That date night might happen, but it will be at home. I say might because I am afraid the baby could arrive before we get to have that date night considering my husbands shifts haha.

Anyway, all of this to say that I now much prefer to focus on the good things. I want to be that bit of positivity you get in social media when you’re scrolling through all the Coronavirus news so I choose to share daily positivity quotes and I choose to focus in all the things I want to do after lock down! And that is what this post is all about.

Going for a walk in the park with our boy. If only you knew how I much I am looking forward for that stroll around the park with our boy.. you can’t even imagine. I still hope that we can do this way before lockdown is over but it is something I have been thinking about way too often. It bothers me to imagine that the first months of our little prince will be stuck at home. I know he won’t remember a thing and he’s probably going to be a very happy little baby anyway but I just can’t get it around my head that this is how his life is going to start – in lockdown because of a pandemic. Who knew that we would ever live anything like this?

The sea and sunset. God, I miss the sea!! As a Portuguese that used to live in a beautiful island, the sea is life to me. And although I don’t live in the prettiest cities of England, at least it’s by the sea and we definitely didn’t drive to watch the sunset that often, only when we used to go to the cinema (good old days, them..) but now, it is all I want to do. I know we won’t be able to go to the cinema with a newborn so all I ask is for my husband do drive us there, grab a hot dog, we will drive to the sea front, watch the sunset and eat our hotdogs hopefully whilst out baby has his nap. Or maybe he’ll be crying but oh well, I just want to see, smell and listen to the sea and watch the sunset!

Our trip to Portugal. We are planning to go back home in late July as we have a friend’s wedding. No flights booked as yet because of everything that has been going on but we are crossing all our fingers and toes in the expectation that all of this will have settled by then and we will be able to go back home and introduce our baby boy to our family. No one will meet him before that as it is just the three of us here in the UK so we are so looking forward for our first trip together back home as a family of three!

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A bbq with our friends. We moved house in September and we have a massive garden. Since then I have been dreaming about the perfect evening to do a bbq for our friends, have some fun, chat, drink some beer. We are waiting to landscape our garden, hoping that they’ll be finishing it by summer time – things got delayed because of the virus (surprise!). I honestly cannot wait to have it all done and have our first bbq here at our house. Fingers crossed it’ll happen this year!!

Planning a trip the three of us. This is the year of my husband’s big 30 and I have always said that if we had a baby by then, that we would go away somewhere just the three of us. Nothing fancy or extra as I am on a reduced wage due to maternity leave but when we went to Lanzarote a couple of years ago I loved it all so much that I have always said we would go back there with our baby. So that is the plan.. maybe not Lanzarote as my husband doesn’t like the idea of going somewhere we have already been, he says it is a waste of money. For me, it gives me a bit of reassurance as I already know the place, the hotel, etc and I think that that makes everything easier when travelling with a baby but never mind. We will definitely go to Canary Islands, we just need to decide which one! Any tips? This reminds me I definitely should do a post on our trip to Lanzarote! It has been a couple of years but it’ll be good to remember those times.

Pub meals. Man, I do love a good pub meal, specially if we are talking about chicken and mushroom pies. Or steak pies. Pub meals can sometimes be very underrated but I miss them so much nowadays ! Cannot wait to go for our first pub meal when this is all over. We have a pub just by the river near our house and everyone says it’s so lovely over the summer so hopefully we will be able to visit sometime soon. Fingers crossed.

Christmas & New Year’s Eve. On October 7th this year we celebrate 7 years living in the UK. We only went back home for New Year’s once, a few years back. Once we found out we were pregnant, we decided we wanted to go back for both Christmas and New Years.. it’s our baby’s first and we just couldn’t accept not being close to our family. With me being on maternity leave, all that was left was for my husband to ask for annual leave during that period and after going to the big bosses, it was accepted and we have just been so excited with the thought of going back home for such a special time! Honestly, we are so looking forward to celebrate it with all our family and our cute little baby boy. I am sure it is going to be memorable!

And these are just a few little things I am looking forward to do throughout this year, after all of this madness settles. Hopefully it won’t take too long and by Summer time we will be able to go back to our normal life. I know these are very rough times but we can do it. We just need to really focus on the good, look after our mind and mental health and do everything possible to stay connected with our friends.

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