Three Key Products for my Everyday Makeup Look

everyday makeup palette

I have never had a classic, signature look as my everyday makeup and I finally decided to come up with one that was easy to create in a rushed morning and that would still make me feel fearless and like myself.

everyday makeup mirror



It is a quick makeup look but not one of those 5 minute quick ones. It is more of a 15 minute makeup look that shows how ready you are to go through another day. My dream is to one day find my go-to tinted moisturiser and skip many of the steps to do my face makeup, so I can mainly focus on my brows and eyes.

Having the time to do my makeup in the morning is like therapy. I often put on some music, a YouTube video or listen to a podcast whilst I sip on my coffee and try to do my makeup to get ready for the day.

This isn’t anything you haven’t seen before – just a basic eyeliner and a nice, bronzed glowing skin. I find that it suits me the best, makes my eyes pop and look slightly more open. There are three key items that I can’t really live without to create this look, here’s why!



everyday makeup foundation


I have had the Naked Ultimate Basics palette for ages but never used it enough. I don’t quite know why as I am a big fan of matte, neutral eyes and this palette has it all. I have rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago and haven’t let it go since. It versatile, easy to use and just a dream to blend.

I have been going for a mix of the shade Fade and Lockout in the crease and if I am feeling brave, I apply a hint of Extra bitter to the outer corner to define the eye a bit more. I apply the same shades on my lower lash line as I like that subtle smokey effect but if you want a bit of a lighter, everyday look, you can skip that and even the outer corner shade and jump onto the eyeliner.


everyday makeup eyeliner

Now the eyeliner, here’s the tricky part right? I never loved doing it and I am still far from loving it but this product definitely made it easier for me. I don’t go for a cat eye look as I think it looks a bit too much on me for an everyday makeup look, I just do a little line to add some definition to the eye and this product is amazing for it.


It is the Kiko Definition Eyeliner, it is waterproof which is great for my watery eyes and has the perfect consistency that glides easily to create a nice, smooth line! I honestly do it in less than 3 minutes – what an achievement for me! I don’t know if I would like this if I was going for a cat eye look. For that I normally use the Inglot gel liner and I love it too! Make sure you use Duraline for a better consistency that will make it easier to apply as well as using a nice, thin angled brush!


everyday makeup brushes

Now for the face, my one and only Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation (read a full review here). I have found this foundation when I was trying new makeup for my wedding in 2018 and I haven’t let go since. I absolutely love the look on the skin. It is lightweight, natural looking but still gives you decent coverage and a radiant, glowing skin. I can either apply it with a brush or a sponge, it looks amazing either way and it is very long lasting. It basically does what the name says!

Everyday Makeup

These are my top three products for my everyday makeup. What are yours?

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