The Nursery – A work in progress

Nursery detail

I couldn’t wait for the day where we would start working on the nursery. I am well aware that the baby won’t sleep here for a while but having a room ready before the baby’s arrival was a must do in my to-do list. Not sure if I told you but we are having a little boy!

Deciding on where to buy the nursery furniture from was a big deal for us. Do we go for affordable and compromise quality or expensive but hopefully something that can be used long term? When you are having a baby there is a lot of things you can spend money on. We’ve opted to actually invest in the nursery’s furniture as we wanted something with good quality but also that would last many years.

So we went ahead and browsed through many websites to finally decide to get the Dover 3 Piece Furniture Set from Mamas & Papas.

This set includes a changing table, wardrobe and a cot that can be converted into a toddler bed in the future. It is ideal if you are planning on buying something that will last you a long time and adapt to the baby’s needs. We chose white to go with the rest of the furniture in the whole house but also because the room is a bit small. Choosing something bright and white gives the illusion of a bigger space.

We still want to add a book shelf in one of the corners to put some bits and books we will read at bedtime at some point and also a chair for when I breastfeed or if my husband is working the next day and I don’t want to disturb his sleep. We just need to find the right one as there isn’t much room!

Nursery soft toy

Although we aren’t painting the walls or having any wallpaper, we are planning on adding some personality to the room by sticking to a theme. From the photos you might realize that we are aiming for a safari theme, only because my husband is a big fan of dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, Lion King and all that jazz.

Nursery hair products

We knew from the first day we found out we were having a boy that this was what we were going for and until now I have no regrets.

We are not overdoing it – just adding some bits with soft toys, the changing mattress for example that is also safari themed and frames.


Nursery detail

Blue won’t be a main colour in the room but we do have some hints of that. We are still to decide on the cot bedding but since the baby won’t sleep in this room for a while, we are not rushing with that detail. We have the Next2Me bedside crib that we got from Chicco (you can also purchase it from Amazon or For that, we will only buy a couple of fitted sheets and the baby will sleep wrapped up in a swaddle blanket.

Nursery details

I love this little frame we got to put our favourite scan picture. I just look at him and think: “how can you already be so perfect? How can I love you this much when I haven’t even met you?” . It is such a wonderful feeling, a different type of love I have never felt before.


nursery frame

We got our prints from Desenio (here, here & here) and I love them! They are so cute, give a little hint of colour to the nursery and kind of stick to the safari theme as they have animals on them. Right? We popped them in some grey frames we got from Ikea and they are ready to go on the wall. Need to have a day off with my lovely husband to do that job!


nursery baby book

I also had to get a little baby’s first album. I saw Lily Pebbles sharing the one she has for her baby Grey and I love it so much that I decided to get it for our baby. I have to say I found it quite pricey but oh well, it’s our first baby and I just want it all. I found mine at Connox, here.


nursery drawer organizer

When it comes to drawer organisation, I still feel like I don’t know what I am doing but for now, this will do! We still need to wash all the clothes, towels and blankets so this might change. I wanted it to look neat and yet practical so I got some drawer organisers from Ikea and they do the job!

nursery drawer organization


For the wardrobe, I got some grey hangers with dividers that help keeping it organised by age. The little OCD inside me really likes this! It just looks so neat. Also, every time I open this wardrobe I feel like I could cry because I just can’t believe this is really happening!!

nursery wardrobe

This wardrobe is quite handy has it has two rails and so in the bottom one I decided to pop the blankets and swaddle blankets for now as there was plenty of room for them.


nursery wardrobe

I am so proud of what we have done so far and I can’t wait to continue adding some bits and bobs here and there to his nursery. I can’t believe we are only three months away to have him in our arms. Time flies by and I just want to enjoy every little bit I have left of this pregnancy.


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