Why 5 Daily Minutes of Meditation Can Change You

Trying to find a way to disconnect from the outside world, to let go off the stress build up during a long 12hour shift and to find inner peace can be quite difficult. I have always been an over-thinker and I was also always a bit too stressed, too loud, too excited and impatient. My husband is the opposite: he is quiet, peaceful, very patient, calm. And I have wanted to balance things out a bit for quite a while but never got the motivation to do it.

The truth is, things sometimes get a bit too much and after the wedding and honeymoon, life got a bit stressful and I had some worries added on. Things that I didn’t really have to worry about but ended up over-thinking and being very negative about it. That left me really stressed and anxious and it was impacting my sleep – it wasn’t that I didn’t sleep at all, I had very light sleep and always dreaming awkward stuff related to my daily worries and stresses. This never used to happen and I just felt myself getting a bit low, easily annoyed and just not myself in general, even though I don’t think anyone noticed it.

It was when I realised that it wasn’t like myself to be this worried, negative, stressed or concerned that I decided I had to do something about it. So, not only did I start with being more positive (read more about it here) but I also slowly added meditating to my routine. I try and do it every day, before bed, but I do fail at times. Either way, I feel completely different now than when I did when I started meditating. . There are tons of options you can choose for meditation but I prefer and find it easier with guided meditation. For that , I use the “Insight Timer” app – there you can find a whole lot of guided meditations for different things: positivity, gratitude, prepare for sleep, prepare for pregnancy, it is a whole different world !

Meditation, together with trying to be more positive and grateful have really helped to keep me sane. So , here is why 5 daily minutes of meditation can change you.

It puts things into perspective & learn how to let go

As I said, I like to do it at night because it sets my mind at ease and prepares me to sleep. It really helps me put things that happened during the day into perspective and the guided meditation I choose to do (4 minute guided meditation) really helps me to let go all my worries, negativity from the day or any fears I might have. If you focus, take deep breaths and do it like you mean it, it really works. When I am less tired and feel like I need more time to myself, I choose to do a 15 minute meditation, like this one.

It quiets your thoughts & fears

The same way meditation helps me organise my thoughts and actually get rid of most (if not all) the negative vibes I am left from the day, it also helps me quiet my mind by eliminating my thoughts and fears for a little bit. Whilst I am meditating, I focus on my breathing or in what’s being said during the guided meditation. One of the reasons why I feel like it is more beneficial for me to do guided meditation is because it gives me something else to focus on and it gives me directions on how to stop my mind for a little. It is quite hard to get to the point where you aren’t thinking about anything else and are just focusing on your breathing but you can definitely get there. Practice makes perfect and I find it a bit easier now to do so.
Even at work, when I feel like I am getting a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks, all the to do lists and when stress starts to build up, I am now capable of just finding a quiet place (normally a stock room or even in the sluice – sorry, nursing life is like this. There aren’t many quiet places at reach), take a deep breath and focus on my breathing to try and relax, calm myself down and continue my day. Even if just for a minute, this makes a big difference.

You feel more rested & in peace with yourself

I have truly noticed that I am more calm and relaxed than I ever was. I feel that straight after the meditation, hence why I sleep a lot better, but I also feel it in my day-to-day life. Whenever things are building up, I am now capable of remaining calm, quiet, patient and literally in peace. My job is stressful, the shifts are long and there is always a never ending to do list so I used to always be even just a little bit stressed at work. Now, I have a lot more control over it and it feels great!
Also, when you meditate you aren’t looking through social media and that is a big positive thing that you get! Social media can be quite toxic and make you feel like you are never enough so disconnecting from it and taking the time to focus on yourself is so, so worth it!

You feel empowered & energised

By learning how to control your mind and getting rid of negativity, fears or concerns, you automatically feel more energised and empowered not only at work but also in your personal, daily life. It truly has such a big impact on you. I can never stress enough on how beneficial meditating has been for me and I wish I did it a lot more.
I know I don’t do it more often due to laziness and also because I tend to scroll on social media for way too long but it is something I want to work on this year.  So adding a little 4-5 minute meditation a day is my main goal. I would also love to add a quick morning meditation, specially for work days so I can feel even more motivated to go to work. That will be my next thing.

How do you feel about meditation? Have you ever tried it or is it something that’s been part of your daily morning or night routine for a while?