Positive Affirmations // My Mantra for 2019

The other day I came across a video of Tamara on YouTube where she was talking about the way she lives her life and how she truly believes in the law of attraction. Having heard of all of this before and having also read the book “The Secret” when I was a LOT younger, I thought it was time for me to find more about it and read the book again. It was a subject that I was always interested on so why not?

I define myself as a positive, happy, bubbly person and although I really haven’t changed, I feel like for the past couple of months I have been having more negative than positive thoughts. What I mean by this is that I was, unconsciously, thinking more about the negative side of things than opting by focusing on the positive.
I was going to work thinking “today is going to be chaotic” instead for “today is going to be a good day, everything will run smoothly and I will be less stressed”. And I was doing this not only with work but with more personal stuff and I could feel myself slowly drowning without anyone even noticing – even myself. It was when I started reading that book – The Secret – that I finally realised that, maybe, it is my way of thinking that it’s getting in the way of many things.

We, most of the times, are raised to think limitedly. Not by our parents in particular but by our society. We can never be too good, too perfect, too happy. It is like there isn’t enough good in this world for us to have so we get all the crap that life has to give us. But if you think about it, if you change your thinking, you can change a lot more. And I have finally came to a point where I feel like I need to change my ways.

Because of all of that, to me 2019 will be the year of positive affirmations. It is the year where I will focus more on having positive thoughts that will bring me good feelings and consequently will make me feel good about myself, more positive, more confident and – hopefully – will also have an impact on my life, what I get from it and from the universe.

So, for the last couple of weeks I have been putting any negative thoughts aside and replacing them with positive ones. And I will repeat them over and over again until I believe it – it isn’t really that hard. Instead of thinking “I don’t think I will achieve X this month”, I will replace with “I will achieve. I can achieve.”. Instead of thinking about a health situation that I think might affect one of my biggest dreams, I am choosing to think that it is not that that will stop me from getting what I want and always dreamt off. (more on this subject a bit later on the blog) Nothing can stop me – I am healthy, I am strong and I can do it. And, again, it is not only saying it – it is believing in it and feeling good, feeling great about it!

A lot of things in the book “The Secret” make sense to me and because of that it was so easy for me to change my way of thinking and my approach to life. Not all people around me find any sense on what I say when it comes to this subject but to be honest, I couldn’t care less. It is a way of living and a much better one than being focused always on the negative side of things and drown yourself with bad feelings or feeling sorry about yourself.

If you have some time, give this book a chance and maybe try for a day to shift your thoughts into positive ones and see how that will affect your day. I can assure you that if you try hard enough, you might see a big difference in just a day. It is not that it will change the way your day goes but it will change your mood – you will be and feel more positive and confident and therefore, you will deal with things differently, making your life and your day a lot easier.

Have you heard about the law of attraction before? What are your thoughts on it? Leave your opinions in the comments, I would love to chat a bit more about this!

Books I Am Recomend: 

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
The Book of Joy by Douglas Abrams
Ask and It’s Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

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