Our Honeymoon // Mauritius


Hello , long time no see! It has been a busy couple of months but definitely not busy enough to not even pop here and say hi. A lot has happened since: we got married (photos to come soon, hopefully), we have been on our honeymoon in Mauritius, things at work have been pretty good and making future plans has been super exciting but has also given me a bit of anxiety.

Our honeymoon in Mauritius was out of this world. You know when you see things in the movies and never think it looks like that in real life? That’s more or less what it felt when we got there: everything looked too perfect to be true but it certainly was. We flew with Emirates for the first time and had an amazing experience. It was a long 17 hour journey but not has hard to do as I expected. We got to the airport and had our driver waiting with a nice cold bottle of water and a wet flannel to freshen up. I never thought that would feel so good!



We got in the car and headed to the hotel that was ruffly one hour and a half away from the airpot. We stayed at LUX* Le Morne, situated on the south coast of Mauritius overlooking the Indian Ocean. The hotel itself is pretty amazing , the room was beautiful, super comfortable – I always love hotel beds but this on was something else! – and the view was incredible from every corner of the hotel.

Honeymoon Mauritius

Mauritius Palmtrees

Every morning we would do our little walk from our room to the restaurant for breakfast and we were always astonished with the view, the clear sea, the beautiful blue sky and the green palm trees. The people there are so lovely, thoughtful and grateful, it is a pleasure to spend time around such positive souls.
The food was delicious and there was a buffet dinner every evening with delicious food and fresh bread. I love bread and I have to say that I might have had a bit too much during this trip.

Waterfall Mauritius

Our main goal for our honeymoon was to relax, spend time together and truly enjoy the moment. We didn’t want to be running around and visiting every little place we could, we really wanted to rest after many months of planning and stressing with the wedding. So we didn’t explore as much as many other people do when the go to Mauritius, but we did enough to know a little bit of the culture and to fall in love with this place. If I was to name a place I feel in love with, that brought me peace and made me even more aware how beautiful nature is, that was The Mountain View. The view is breath taking.


We also went to The Seven Coloured Earth, which was absolutely amazing and surreal. Nature is incredible.


We went on the kayaks, we drank way too much coconut water and fell in love with it. We spent a lot of time in the sun, by the pool or in the sea. We swam with all sorts of fishes but not with dolphins and I will never forgive Miguel for this.


We hiked a mountain – Le Morne – and it was the most terrifying think I did in my life up until now. I cried on our way down cause I am too scared of highs but I am also to stubborn to give up and admit I shouldn’t continue the hike to the top when I am that afraid of highs.  I also fell on my knees at the end because my legs just gave in and I cried again a little bit more.


I broke a 12,000 Mauritius Rupees egg (roughly 300 pounds) at a souvenir shop,  I cried (again) so they felt sorry for me and was grateful when they say we didn’t have to pay anything for it. Miguel told me off for longer than he should have done and reminded me why I should never touch anything when I am in a shop – because I simply drop something on the floor every bloody time.

mauritius_underwater_photo mauritius_underwater_photo

We had a few cocktails (almost) every night whilst at the bar listening to some cool band and danced a couple of times. We took way too many photos, we had a lot of fun with the drone and thanks to the drone, we also chatted to some wonderful people from all around the world.


We watched every sunset, every day and it blew us away every single time. We sat on the beach at night time and wished upon a shooting star. Mine hasn’t come true yet but it will, hopefully, very soon.
We were thankful every single day for being able to experience such a thing, swimming in such a beautiful sea and waking up in such an amazing place for 12 days in a row.

It all quickly came to an end and we certainly didn’t want to come back. The holiday blues kicked even before we left the hotel but this was certainly the trip of our life and I can’t believe we were so lucky to be able to go to such a wonderful island that is Mauritius. I am glad that we decided to go there over Maldives, we will certainly remember it forever and we will always have this video to look back to. I can’t wait to show it to our kids.

If you have any questions about our honeymoon or want some advise, don’t hesitate! I will be happy to share a lot more. Also have a look at my Instagram were you can have a look at many more photos from our honeymoon and even look at my Instagram Highlights from our time in Mauritius!