The Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder


Contouring is a step I rarely skip on my makeup routine unless I am going for a more bronzed, glowing makeup. Adding that extra definition to my face is essential and so finding the perfect product for that special day (my wedding day) was key and wasn’t an easy task. I have always been a fan of drugstore products and I do believe that you can find some amazing dupes for much less but there are things or occasions where I am all up for spending a bit of extra money knowing that I will have an amazing product that will give me great results.

The Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder is much raved in the beauty bloggers community. Many of my favourite bloggers and YouTubers love it and hence why I was all about adding this little item to my makeup collection. And when I say little, I really mean it – it is a tiny amount of powder for the price but I guess you are paying the name of the brand and also the amazing quality of this powder.


When I first tried it, I was scared. It is that high expectation mixed with not knowing what to expect from it, adding the disappointment of being so tiny. For a contour powder I was expecting a lot more product but the truth is that you need only a little bit if you want a natural shadow to add definition to your complexion. If you dip your brush more than a couple of times, you are risking having a very muddy contouring. Once you are used to the high pigmentation of this product, you can achieve amazing results that will give you definition and that will definitely make any double chin disappear.
It is pigmented, blends beautifully and it has a nice grey undertone that really gives you the perfect cheekbones. I apply it with the Morphe R3 brush and I get great results. The packaging is very sleek, beautiful and looks expensive – as it should do for the price tag!

Do I regret spending £35 on this product? Not at all, specially being for such an unique day of my life but I am sure I will only be using this product for special occasions and opting for a cheaper alternative for an everyday look. I probably won’t repurchase once I hit pan but if you are a girl that loves high end makeup and don’t mind giving £35 for a contour powder, this one is for you.

Have you ever tried the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder? What are your thoughts on it?