Five April Highlights

April was a month full of amazing moments, some of them that I wasn’t even dreaming of it happening anytime soon. It was a month that just showed me that things happen when they are meant to and not when you just want it to happen.
We also sorted a lot of things wedding related, got stronger as a couple, overcame many obstacles at work and made some nice memories. Here are some of the highlights of this month.

Changing to Worpress. I started this year by promising myself that I would keep up with blogging regularly and that I would actually try to take it a lot more serious and up until now I am keeping up with it. One of my biggest goals when it came to blogging was also to change to WordPress.
I have heard and read some great things about migrating to WordPress and having a lot of other fellow bloggers recommending to go ahead with the migration, I contacted Pipdig and went ahead with the process and let me tell you: I don’t regret it at all. WordPress has many more options and just that gives you a lot of more creativity when writing a blog post. Yoast SEO is one of the major pros regarding WordPress and I believe that it is because of it that I am having a clear increase in blog visits and subscribers.
Of course it isn’t as easy as it may sound but WordPress has really changed my blogging game. I also installed Pipdig’s Shopr plug in and it is just the best think to create widgets with all the products I recommend. I am loving this and totally recommend if you ever think of migrating to WordPress to contact Pipdig.

Getting a Car. This was the biggest surprise of 2018 and the month of April. I have been talking about buying a car for about 2 or 3 years and Miguel would never agree and I am not saying that he wasn’t right but damn, it was about time that he changed his mind! We always lived near work and have easy access to public transports so we always managed pretty well but a car brings so much more freedom! I ended up going to the gym 5 days in a row – how is this even possible? – not only because I love driving but also because I know I don’t have to walk that distance in the cold and rain! It gives me motivation as I never had before. So, on the 17th of April we bought the car that was delivered on the 19th and since then my life has changed. I am so happy! Impressive how one “little” thing can completely change everything and bring so much happiness!

Booking Our Honeymoon. I know I never stop talking about our wedding but you can’t blame me! It’s the event of the year for me! And with wedding comes the honeymoon and this month of April was the month we finally got it all sorted and decided where to go. We have finally booked to go on our honeymoon to Mauritius, early September. We opted to do it a few weeks after the wedding to have something to look forward to and I couldn’t be happier with the place, the hotel, everything! We will be staying at LUX* Le Morne and I can’t wait! It looks amazing.

One Year Engagement. 30th of April was the day we celebrated our one year engagement. Time really flies. It is hard to believe that just around a year ago he was getting down on his knee and proposing. Now, we are only a couple of months away to celebrate our wedding. I am starting to get really nervous about it! Read my last post here: Wedding Talks #6

Trying Something New. April was the month I did my first body pump class and I fell in love with it. Although I didn’t do them as often as I would like due to being ill, they were an amazing little thing that changed my month. I am hopping to carry on doing them a bit more in the next few months. They are amazing to build muscle and tone.

April was definitely a good month, full of amazing surprises. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has for me!