THE WINGED LINER: Favourite Product & Tips

From loving a winged liner to actually being able to create the perfect wing is quite a challenge. No matter how many products you might try, it can always be quite difficult to achieve the perfect cat eye. To me, finding the right products was the first challenged to go through. I have tried eyeliner pens, liquid as well as gel liners and believe it or not I have always failed although I can definitely say that gel liner was always my favourite.

I have recently found a new favourite that I will know that will be on my top list for a while – the Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77 (Black). The best tool for this? The Zoeva 137 Winged Liner.

The Inglot Gel liner is talked about by some of my favourite YouTubers (Lustrelux and Desi Perkins, for example) but I don’t think that it’s given much attention to in on the blogging world. I decided to give it a go after I saw one their videos and though “I really need to try this as a last attempt to master the winged liner technique” and I bought it along with the Inglot Duraline – the perfect product to save any eyeliner that’s gone dry by just adding a few drops. You will get an eyeliner that feels like new, with a perfect consistency and that will not smidge.

The Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77 has originally a really nice, creamy consistency making it really easy to apply. It it very pigmented – the blackest black I have ever tried and it really does not move throughout the day. Gently dip in your brush, wipe off the excess and apply to your lash line.
Bare in mind that I have had mine for maybe a full month and therefore I haven’t used the Inglot Duraline with it so I genuinely  think that it’s consistency is the best I have tried so far.
The Inglot Duraline though is like magic in a little bottle. I have used it to restore a brow pomade I have and it just transformed it into a beautiful, creamy product and my brows looked great too!

Like I said, the product and the tools you use are essential for good results, unless you are a pro on doing a wing liner. If you are a beginner or simply aren’t good at it at all, you will definitely want the best of the best and, lucky you, that doesn’t really mean being the most expensive!

The Zoeva 317 Liner brush is thin and firm enough to make it easier for you to create the perfect wing. I have another angled brush – the Morphe R45 – and for me that one didn’t work at all. There is something about the Zoeva Brush that makes the task so much easier. Also, it has the perfect angle to create that wing.

Grab these three products and follow the tips I’ll give you and you will be good to go!

So if you have the product that you think its best for you, it’s time to get some tips and tricks to achieve the perfect wing. Like I said, I have failed many times and after practising, watching a lot of “how to” videos and getting together the most comment tips given by the masters, here is what really worked for me and might definitely work for you.

Never, ever apply eyeliner with your eyes closed – I used to do this and when I then opened my eye, the wing was at a weird angle. My eyes are slightly wooded so it folds right at the middle of the wing. Since I started doing my wing liner with my eyes open, it worked so much better! Of course that I do close my eyes, specially when doing the inner corner but for the wing, specifically, it works much better if I keep them open.

Use tape as a guide – I used to do this a lot more than what I do know but if I am in a rush and there is no time to mess it up, tape is my way to go. Place it on the outer corner of your eye in the angle you wish your wing to be and just use it as a guide. Remove the table and you will have the sharpest wing ever.

Your mirror needs to be in front of you – not any higher or lower. It should be directly in front of you and you should opt out of a hand held mirror. This is because it will be much easier if you have both hands free and will also give you more stability as you can rest your elbows on the table without having to worry about the mirror.

Take your time, never rush – rushing is the enemy of perfection. You will never be able to do a wing really fast when you are a beginner. Take your time, use small strokes and slowly build up the line as you go. It is easier to do it this way than being not so cautious about it and ending up what looks like a black eye.

Tight line to make it perfect – you know when you do your winged liner but then you look ahead and you can still see pink skin under your lashes? Those are the gaps you want to fill in. Not only it will make it look a lot more perfect but it also gives an illusion of fuller lashes. Use a black pencil or even the gel liner you have (I have done this with the Inglot) and slowly line your upper waterline.

Do it before you apply mascara, look down into a mirror, gently pull your lid up and quickly fill in the fleshy area. And you are done!

These are my top tips and the ones that truly helped me improve my winged liner technique. I knew about all these before but I honestly think that this gel liner and the brush have made a big, big difference on how I did my liner.

Which one is your favourite product to use to achieve the perfect wing and what tip has helped you the most? I want to know all about it!