My Statement Earrings Collection

Statement earrings have definitely become an addiction of mine. I can never have to many, the ones I have are never enough and I always find an excuse on why I need another pair. This hasn’t been like this all the time, it has definitely got worse in the past year but i am not mad about it! So I thought I would share with you my current collection. Some of them you can still find them, others are probably out of stock but there are definitely similar ones just as beautiful. Let’s have some fun! You can find the link to the products at the end of the post.

Fringe earrings and pompons have been quite a trend the past few months but specially last winter. Although I love them, I know it is a trend that won’t stay for very long so I bought only a couple and was happy with it.
They are normally the main accessory and what gets all the attention. You can be with the most boring, all-black outfit that these earrings will transform it completely. These are part of my collection and I love them to pieces. The pompom earrings are my favourite. They are a bit different and not for everyone’s taste but I do find them quite interesting and beautiful!


Big, embellished, shiny, these have it all! All have a special place in my collection and whilst the first two are more for a night out/date night occasion, the pearl ones are perfect for any time of the day. They are from Zara and unfortunately are discontinued but they are my favourite ones in my collection!


These are a bit more simple but still make an outfit. My favourite are the most recent ones in my collection – the Topshop Ball Drop Hoop Earrings. They are beautiful and so different! I have also ordered these and I am anxiously waiting their deliver!


Statement earrings aren’t for everyone’s taste but I definitely have a love affair with them. I prefer big earrings than the ones you can’t even notice that are there although I do wear them once in a while, specially if I opt for a statement necklace (my collection of those isn’t that big). Anyway, I am sure there will be more added to this collection. Find below some of the earrings I have mentioned – the ones that are still in stock – and some more that I wish was part of my collection!

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Gold tone emerald faux pearl dangle earrings
Gold tone emerald faux pearl dangle earrings
Rose gold tone diamante drop earrings
Black teardrop jewel drop earrings
Pink jewel hoop tassel drop earrings
Pink beaded tassel dangle earrings
Gold tone faux pearl teardrop earrings
Rose gold interlocking diamante earrings
Blush Pink Pom Pom Earrings
Hexagon Hoop Earrings Gold
Vintage Style Pink Statement Earrings
Mega Rhinestone Tassel Chandeliers
Heart Fringe Earrings
Ball Drop Hoop Earrings
Textured Ball Hoop Earrings

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