FITNESS: Getting Motivated to (Re)Start the Gym

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Around January last year, I decided to start my fitness journey – if you can call it that. Basically, I decided to join the gym after a few months (if not years) of wanting to do so. A year and so after, I can admit that I haven’t been as consistent as I would wish but I have been sticking with it, not giving up and I can say that I do enjoy going and always try to find motivation to go.
The thing is, for the past six months I have been on and off with colds and flu so energy wise it has been quite hard but I still managed to get through it and go even if it is just for a quick workout. Either way, starting or restarting a routine of going to the gym and being healthy requires a lot of will power.

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One important thing to decide from the beginning would be: what is your workout style? Do you think you would prefer just going to the gym and doing a bit of everything, sort of play around with all the machines or are you more that type of person that would enjoy a good class as it would push you harder? Another thing would be what is your main goal. That will have a massive impact on, for example, how many times should you attend the gym or even what sort of supplements you might have to take. I have always wanted to start the gym to just tone my muscles and loose a slightly bit of fat that only I knew it was there so I didn’t really have to be too strict. Anyway, not matter what your goals are, here are some tips on getting yourself motivation to (re)start the gym and, hopefully, keep up with it.

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FIND THE RIGHT GYM . What more can stop you wanting to go to the gym than not enjoying the place? I think it is really important to have a look around any gym before joining in. You have to think that you will spend a bit of your day there and you want to make sure you not only enjoy it but also feel comfortable there.

GET A FRIEND TO GO WITH YOU . My only one condition I had to join the gym was that someone had to go with me, specially as a first time joining. The unknown was always something that bothered me so not knowing what I was going for and specially not knowing how to function with all the machines freaked me out a little bit. It took me a while until I convinced my fiancé but when he agreed to it we quickly picked one, went to have a look around, loved it and signed in. Also, getting a proper induction is definitely worth it. It makes you a lot more comfortable with the space and machines, giving you also an idea of what you like and don’t like.

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STOP MAKING EXERCISE ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK . Yes, I did start exercise because I wanted to tone a loose a bit of belly or cellulitis. But I don’t think I ever did it to look a certain way. All I wanted was to really feel better with myself and that didn’t mean that I had to look like an instagram goddess. Go to the gym because you want to be more active, healthier, whatever. But don’t make it all about how you look because results take time, a lot of time. And if you do that, your motivation might not last as long as you would wish. This kind of brings me to the next one.

AVOID SOCIAL MEDIA COMPARISONS . Social Media is horrible – it can quickly motivate someone to do more whilst one second later bring you to the ground and make you feel like crap. I feel like this about Instagram specially, and I know that we choose who we follow but I have so many Instagram accounts that when I scroll down my feed make me thing “oh, I wish I was more like that” or “why not me?”. And the saddest this is that although I have the strength and confidence to step back and look at my own qualities, many other women and girls don’t – that is when the thing starts getting ugly.
So please try to avoid to compare yourself to whoever you see in social media. Remember that there are apps like Facetune and many others that can make everything look perfect when it really isn’t.

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PRE-SCHEDULE . One thing that really works for me is to pre-schedule and I don’t mean only if or when you do classes. I mean all the time. I use my macbook calendar where I have all my shifts and my partners shifts too and then I just look at the days where I will be able to go to the gym and add it to my calendar. With this, I feel like I have committed to something and I feel like I do go often, I keep up with the schedule and it just feels great!

These are definitely the main things to do to get yourself motivated to go back to they gym. Come on, do it and go and kick some buts.

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