Easy Eyebrow Routine – Top 2 Products and Tricks

My Eyebrow Routine

Let’s talk about eyebrows today. Are you excited? I am. Eyebrows were, for a while, the one thing I really didn’t like doing. I found it boring and never was quite happy with the final result until a few months ago. Again, as with many other things in makeup, it is all about finding the right product and I love when I find it and it is affordable.
I was always all in for eyebrow pencils. I have tried brow pomades and powders but the result was never the same. From the ABH Brow Wiz or Brow Definer (read review here) to the Kiko Eyebrow Sculpt or the L’Óreal Paris Brow Expert, I have tried it all. Of course that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products never failed me (although I did prefer the Brow Wiz instead of the Definer) but when you find something extremely similar for a fraction of the price, what do you do? Opt for the more affordable and that is what I did.

Maybelline is, for me, the best drugstore brand for brow products. I have used their Brow Precise Micro Pencil in Dark Brown probably for the past 4 or 6 months and I have repurchased it numerous times. But you know what does it all for me? Their Brow Precise Fiber Filler. In this post all talk you through my brow routine and why I love these two products so much.

Easy Eyebrow Tutorial

To talk about brows we definitely need to talk about how to shape them but the biggest tip here would be: do not pluck them yourself unless you know what you are doing. I have had my brows shaped by someone else and now I actually do them myself but I am comfortable with what I am doing. Once you have the shape kind of sorted, then it is knowing when your brow starts, where should the arch be and where it ends. You can read more about it here. Anyway, Anastasia Beverly Hills has some amazing brow stencils that make it easier for you.

So, let’s go through my routine that in a good day can take just a couple of minutes.

EYEBROW_ROUTINE_PENCILI am the person that prefers to do her brows before anything else to get it out of the way and then I can focus on anything else. To start with, I brush all the brow hairs into place using the spoolie. Once that is done, I grab the Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil in Dark Brown and start with the process.

First, I start in the beginning of my brow by drawing a line and giving it some shape. I do it in a slight angle as shown above to give an illusion of an arched brow. I lightly drag that line until the tail of my brow, elongating it slightly. Then, I move to the top of my brow and do slightly the same, I just don’t start the line right in the beginning as I don’t think it suits me and it doesn’t look so natural.
After having the lines drawn giving my brows the shape I wish I was born with, I start to fill them in drawing hair like strokes to give an illusion of a fuller brow, trying to make it look as natural as possible.


With the brows now looking a bit more decent, I carve them out using a small brush with a tiny bit of concealer to clean any mistakes and then blend it all out. After that – a here is my little secret so they look less like to stamps on my face and more like real brows – I use the Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Filler brushing my brow hairs upwards, so they look bushy and a bit crazy just while the product dries. Once it is all dried, I grab the spoolie and brush any hairs that are a bit too long into place (at times I grab the scissors and just trim them too) and that is my brows done. Of course I never ever forget to highlight my brow bone with any highlighter I might be enjoying at the time and there you go. Quite quick and easy once you get the hang of it and here’s a close up of the final result!