Wedding Talks #4: Bridal Makeup & Beauty Tips

It is time for another episode of Wedding Talks! I love writing these so much that I am always very excited when a new subject comes along. As you know, the wedding is just around the corner (4 months away, yay!) and so I have been getting all the information, tips and advice I can to make sure everything is perfect on the day.

One of the main things I have been focusing on is skin care and makeup as I just want it to look perfect. You might have heard this many times but the secret for a perfect, flawless makeup application is a good skin care routine that works for all your skin problems or concerns. Coming up with the perfect combination of products that really helps your skin can be trick but that is why you have to start trying products as soon as you get engaged (if you haven’t found it before).

So it’s time for me to share with you the tips, tricks or advice I have found to be really helpful and important for the big day.

STAY HYDRATED. I notice such a big difference when I manage to drink at least 2L of water per day. My skin is brighter, smoother and with less imperfections. I have been trying to keep up with it but with work it can be hard but I will definitely keep up with it when the wedding is a month away.


ALWAYS PRIME. You might be the kind of person that doesn’t think that primer makes any difference and maybe it doesn’t for you but I am a primer kind of gal. When I forget to apply it I notice straight away as I start applying my foundation and I know I won’t want to skip that step on my wedding day. My favourite at the moment is the Smashbox Primerizer, a moisturiser and primer all in one and it is perfect if you have dry skin. It might not help a ton with increasing the longevity of the makeup but it sure makes it look a lot smother and flawless.


LESS IS MORE. It is so easy to apply a lot of foundation or concealer all at once if you are a full coverage girl like me. But then you realised that you have gone too far and your face looks like a cheap piece of cake so if you are doing your own makeup like me, always remember that less is more. Apply a little bit of foundation at a time and give it time to sink into your skin so that the coverage develops. I have found that giving the foundation a couple of minutes to set truly shows it’s real coverage and you apply a lot less more.

Color correcting can also help a lot with this. Use a color correcting palette to neutralize any redness or dark circles and you will see that you won’t need as much makeup or concealer to cover those areas.


FACE MASK ALL THE WAY. I love a good face mask and sheet face masks have slowly became my favourite. I love how easy they are to apply and you see an instant result. So doing a face mask the night before the wedding is always a good idea! I do this when I have a date night and my makeup always looks better.


AVOID EXPERIMENTS. Never every try new products when the wedding is approaching. I would even go as far as saying to stop using new products a month before the wedding. You don’t want a new spot or an allergic reaction, right? So avoid experimenting new skin care or new makeup products.


KEEP IT SIMPLE. I don’t know about you but one thing that I don’t want it to look like I overdone my makeup. I want to still look like myself but glam. And I also want to feel comfortable on my own skin so I won’t be looking for anything too heavy. If you are like me, this is the way to go for. Some people will want to go all the way in and have a full on cat eye with black liner on the water line and if that is how you feel comfortable, go for it. But for me, a clear water line and a simple eye makeup with a bit of shine is a must. I know I won’t want black eyeliner running down my face from all the tears!


SPRAY IT & SET IT. Setting spray is so helpful not only to improve the longevity of your makeup but also to use it as a primer. I often apply it before and after my makeup and I can tell you that I notice a big difference on my skin. I also like to spray my beauty sponge with a setting spray after I applied my foundation and then tap very gently and it just give a nice, natural looking skin even with a medium to full coverage foundation. I am currently loving the NYX Setting Spray Dewy Finish as my skin is more on the dry side and it does wonders. I definitely want to try the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray as a finishing spray as I’ve heard many good things about it!


And these are the major tips I will be following 100% the closer it gets to the wedding and on the wedding day too. I still have some things to figure out like false lashes or lash extensions and wether to fake tan or not. Little world problems for a bride, right?

Feel free to give me all the advice you might think that it’s useful! I truly appreciate it.



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