5 Beauty Techniques I want to perfect

Makeup is one of my passions. The time where I am sat doing my makeup and getting ready is the most relaxing time for me and I do think that I got the hang of it and am quite alright with makeup techniques. Yet, there is always something that I would love to perfect, be better at or just simply be capable of doing it. There was always certain things with makeup that I tried to avoid because I just assumed I wasn’t good at it but, in all fairness, practice makes perfect and that where this post comes in. I thought I would share some beauty techniques I want to perfect and hopefully, some of you my drop some tips or recommend some products in the comments bellow.


I envy anyone that is able to draw perfectly those brow strokes, making it look like real brow hairs. For months my brows just looked really strong, most of the time too dark for my complexion. I am starting to get the hang of it and after trialing with lots of different products, I know now that I am better off with a brow pencil. I feel like I have a lot more control and it just gives the brow a more natural look.

I am still perfecting the technique of drawing very thin hair strokes but I feel like i am slowly getting there.

One trick that I have recently discovered is that if I brush my brow hairs in an upward motion when applying the brow gel, it will give my brows a slightly more natural look, with that bushy brows effect that I kind of love (if it’s not too over the top).


I never use lip liner, ever. And I never tried to overdraw my lips. I don’t really like that effect on me but one thing I would love to know and use the lip liner for is to correct my lip shape. It isn’t anything noticeable really but we all have those little details of our complexion that we pick on and just wish that didn’t exist and my lips are one of them. Let’s say they aren’t my favourite feature. So I want to buy more lipliners and hopefully use them more not only to help apply those red or dark lip shades but also to play around with the shape of my lips without injections.


You may have noticed that I am a full coverage kind of gal. There is really no in between for me – I either have a full face of makeup or no makeup at all. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to have a more natural looking option. I guess I am just yet to find the perfect base product.

I would just love to find a BB Cream or even a tinted moisturiser that would give me an healthy look and cover the little imperfections.

It is definitely a look I would love to perfect, specially for the days where I am really lazy when it comes to doing any makeup at all but still want to look alive and radiant. Any product recommendations will be very much appreciated.


I love contouring my face and I always opt for contour instead of bronzer. There are times where I wish I was great at cream contouring (and also that I had the right products for it), specially when it’s a date night or when I am going out with friends and want my makeup to last as long as possible.

I know that using cream products and topping it up with powder increases the longevity of your makeup and that is the main reason why I would really love to master this technique. I have seen people simply using a darker concealer to contour their face but I don’t know how that would work for me. So, if you do cream contour, what product do you use and most importantly what tool do you recommend? Beauty blender or a brush?


This is probably the technique I fear the most. It just never looks good when I try to do it! I have tried pens, gel and liquid liner. I have used tape and tried without it but it just never looks right. But here is the thing: I am starting to think that it isn’t (just) my technique – it’s my eye shape and also the fact that I have very small lashes.

I am still to find a way where eyeliner actually looks good on my eyes. I have tried drawing it towards my brow so it’s a bit more lifted but my eyelid isn’t that big and I feel like I have slightly hooded eyes so the line just doesn’t look right. I have also tried drawing it towards my temple and that is, until now, my favourite (although I don’t do it as often as I would like). Then again, my lashes are quite tiny and I feel like every time I do a winged liner, it calls for fall lashes but it just feels like a bit of too much effort. I want to be that kind of girl that can wear a cat eye on a daily basis and not look crazy or too overdone. How do I do it?!

I have finally bought the Inglot gel liner that many people love and the Zoeva 317 liner brush and I am hoping that will do the trick. What do u think?

And here you have the five beauty techniques I would love to perfect or even master. Like I said, feel free to drop any tips and product recommendation that will help me reach perfection! I am counting on you!


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