The Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer | A Review

I find that this year is the year of the makeup discoveries for me. I am trying out a lot of new products that are mostly from brands I have never tried before and this is one of them – the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer. A primer and moisturiser all in one.

A lot of people were raving about it and loving it because it is just so practical as you can skip moisturiser  and still have very nice, hydrated skin.

As you all may know by know, I have dry skin and finding products that help to fight that is a challenge so I couldn’t wait to try this so when I traveled from Manchester to Madeira I grabbed it from the duty free shop and have been trying it ever since.

Having the perfect base to apply my foundation has always been a struggle and I am quite lazy when it comes to skin care although it is indeed getting a bit better throughout the years but when I am in a rush every morning doing my makeup before going to work I want something easy and quick that will still give me amazing results.

I don’t normally have the time and when I do, I don’t have the patience to go through a full on skin care routine just to make sure my foundation looks flawless and I really admire the people that are able to do it. But it is for people like me that this product comes really handy.

This is a very liquid and lightweight primer that quickly sinks into the skin giving you an healthy glow and hydrated skin. When drying it gets a bit tacky and I like that as I feel that it really increases the longevity of my foundation.

When applying it, it smoothens and plumps my skin and I really feel like it helps my skin to lock down all the moisture it needs due to the presence of hyaluronic acid on the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer.

I have definitely noticed a great difference when using this primer with any of my foundations that tend to leave my skin looking a bit more on the dry side. Normally, the foundation sinks into my smile lines and my under eye is quite dry so the foundation and concealer never look good on those areas but with this product that has reduced massively.

Also, it is such a quick and easy step that you definitely won’t want to miss and that will completely change the way your foundation looks, sits and lasts on your skin.

Since I bought this I haven’t stopped using it and I really can’t imagine switching to a different primer any time soon.

This is definitely a primer that is worth all the hype specially if you have dry skin like me. You will not regret trying this product. Two little pumps of this before applying your foundation will change your makeup game forever.