What I Am Loving | January Favourites

First month of 2018 is coming to an end and so it is time for another monthly favourites. Can we just take a moment to think how has January flew by like this? Two weeks of this month were a complete waste for me as I had the flu and had no energy for anything. Yet, I still managed to find some great new products and others that I have re-discovered.

Nails are always something that I ignore. I am a nurse and it is pointless to do anything with them but that doesn’t really mean that I shouldn’t look after them. January was the month that I kept that in mind and re-discovered some bits that I have loved previously.

First, the Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. This does wonders not only for my cuticles but it also gives a healthy look to my nails. When I apply this on a regular basis, my cuticles are moisturised and soft and that horrible dryness is simply gone.

To add to this and leave my nails looking quite nice for someone that never looks after them, I love wearing the Essie Nailpolish in Fairy Tailor. It is quite natural when you apply only one layer and gives an extra shine to your nails. I top it off with the Essie Top Coat and it looks great.

I have said it once and I will say it again: L’Óreal is my favourite drugstore brand for makeup and skin care. They never fail me. I don’t remember a product that I have tried and didn’t like. This time, I picked up the L’Óreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask. I was struggling with some spots and also whilst I had the flu I neglected my skin so it had some texture and looked dry and dull so I was in need of a good mask.

This one did the trick and I love it. It detoxifies and clarifies just like it says on the box and I totally recommend if you are having some problems that include some sneaky spots that come out of nowhere.

The L’Óreal Paris Hydra Genious Moisturiser was also an amazing discovery. My skin is as dry as the desert and that is so noticeable when I apply makeup, specially if that includes a matte foundation and this has been slowly giving the glow and hydration I once had. I love the smell, it smells of true aloe vera in my opinion and it feels like I am just applying water to my skin. If you imagine water in a gel consistency, this is what this feels like. Weird? Maybe. But it does such a good job.

I don’t use it as a regular product because I also have my moisturiser from The Ordinary (read a review here) and so I normally apply the L’Óreal one at night as an hydration boost and in the morning I apply the other.

This combination has slowly been changing my skin, giving it a natural glow and also smoothing it like a baby’s butt. Nice.

To add on to this routine, I have also been applying a serum every single day. Yes, I have been keeping up with my skin care routine and I am well proud of it!

The serum I have been loving is the “Buffet” from The Ordinary. I admit that the scent isn’t my favourite – it is very chemical I think, but that is their concept. Yet, the serum is amazing. Very hydrating and again it is really helping with the texture of my skin.

Makeup related, I have to say that although I have bought quite a few (way to many) new items, there is nothing that I have fallen completely in love with probably because I haven’t had the chance to actually try it for long enough but there is one thing that I have loved from day 1: the Zoeva Pure Velour Lips in the shade Faint of Heart. It is a beautiful nude mauve, just my kind of colour. But what I love even more isn’t the beautiful shade but how it feels on the lips. It is velvety on application, very smooth and pigmented and then dries to a matte finish but feels so soft on my lips!! Also, although it isn’t a liquid lipstick formula, it lasts a considerable amount of time and it is so easy to re-apply without getting really messy or uncomfortable on the lips. Love it and probably will add more to my collection.
I also have been loving the Nivea Lip Butter in Blueberry Blush to keep my lips nice and hydrated. Smells so nice!

As for fashion, I have one item to mention. There is probably more but this one is on top of the list and it is a River Island Navy Chunky Nit. It is so soft, comfortable, it doesn’t make you look like a big jacket potato and it was on sale! Double points here.

Tech wise, I also have some bits to mention. First, my Canon 50mm 1.8f lenses – the best present my fiancé gave me last Christmas (amongst other beautiful things) and the one that changed my blog photography game in my opinion, specially when it comes to outfit posts (read this one here). Also, this little gadget is great if you don’t have a fancy camera with wi-fi. So it is basically a SD card reader that you can connect it to your phone. It works for my Samsung S8 and also my Macbook pro so just have a look to see if it is compatible with your device before purchasing it and you will love it. I can take photos on the go and transfer it to my phone straight away, edit and share on Instagram if I want to!

And this is it, quite a long list of favourites but I am scared that next month’s will probably be a bit worse as I already bought too many things that I am waiting to arrive, including a beautiful tote bag that I can’t wait to wear. You can keep up with my recent purchases and wish list on the section “shop my favourites” just below the blog header. No second thoughts, no regrets. Just do it.

What favourite of the month of January you want to share or recommend?