Wedding Talks #3: My Cinderella Shoes & My 1st Wedding Dress Fitting

Yesterday was the day I went back to try my beautiful dress and there was no way I was going to let that happen without writing something on the blog.

I feel like these posts will be the most precious ones for one day when I want to read back and remember how I felt.

Are you ready for another Wedding Talks? Let’s go!


So here is the thing: I am horrible with heels. Don’t ask me to wear some beautiful stilettos because it is very likely that I will just twist my ankle and bang my head. I am really bad with heels and I think I will always be.

With that said, you can imagine my struggle when finding a good pair of heels to wear with my dress. I didn’t want to go for flats although I think it is a fair option for people that do want it but I was looking for something that would make me feel more elegant, taller and that would still be comfortable and pretty. Let me tell you – it was a ruff task.

Of course that when you are getting married you (might) want a good pair of shoes and it is always nice to go for an high end option and I tried but I just didn’t like anything. Anything. My friends were loosing the will and so was I.

And so I gave up, we went to New Look and I bought the most sparkly shoes I could find with a comfortable heel to wear and they were only about £20. I will be honest: they are far from being my dream shoes but at the end of the day they will be just for that one occasion and people can barely see them. So I slowly started loving them and today, after trying it all together, I have no regrets and I love them.

So thank you New Look for helping me save a few pounds on my wedding shoes yet still making me feel like a beautiful bride!

Now let’s talk about the dress! Wedding dress shopping can be very stressful (read my experience here) and after you buy your dress you might be left with second thoughts as you know that there are so many different and beautiful dresses that you kind of ask yourself “Have I made the right choice?” and that was me. Until yesterday.

I had butterflies, even more than the first time. I couldn’t wait to wear it again and feel beautiful in my wedding dress. It wasn’t the one in store, it was mine. I was also scared if I didn’t feel the same about the dress but I was so wrong. I loved it even more than the first time. All the photos on my phone don’t do it justice and if when I first tried it I second guessed if Miguel (my fiancé) would like it, this time I said “He is going to cry when he sees me”. And I can’t bloody wait!

I can’t wait for the day I have always dreamed of. I can’t wait for my wedding day, to make one of my biggest dreams come true. There’s a reason why Cinderella is my favourite Disney Movie. I also can’t wait to be able to share my photos with you guys. I will make sure that one day, when I can reveal everything, I will share all the photos from my wedding dress shopping experience and fittings.

Time is flying and we still have so much to sort out!

I can’t wait to share more and more as we get close to the date of the wedding. This has been the most exciting time of my life!

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