Updated Everyday Makeup Routine

It has been a long time since I did a post sharing my go-to, everyday makeup and when looking back to one of the last ones of this kind, they are definitely out of date. It was quite interesting to see how not only my routine as changed completely (I have added more and more products as time went by) but also my blog photography has definitely changed for better. Good to see that all the YouTube videos and reading blog photography tips posts has definitely had an impact.

So with that being said, let’s start with this makeup routine. It isn’t the average “no-makeup makeup look”. I am the kind of girl that likes to look like she has makeup – not in a caky way but in a way where it shows that half an hour that I have spent in front of the mirror. So here you have my go-to look for a day in town or even for a lunch/dinner with friends. Something I know it works and looks good.

I have to start by saying that a good skin prep is key for your makeup to look flawless. So start by moisturizing your skin with whatever you fancy. I am loving the Garnier Moisture Bomb range. Then you can start your makeup.
I tend to do my eyebrows and eyes first, it is just the way I like it but you do you. Just to keep it simple and organized, I will start with the face, then eyes and lips.


I start by priming my face with the MaxFactor Face Finity Primer. This not only hydrates my skin but it also makes makeup application much easier and smoother. Also it makes everything look beautiful for much longer. One little secret I have is to also spray a bit of my setting spray before applying any makeup. The first time I did it my makeup went on so much better and I wasn’t the only one that noticed it. The one I am currently using is the NYX Dewy Finish Fini Velout Long Lasting Setting Spray.

For foundation, I am currently loving the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD in the shade Y245. I apply it with my beauty blender and it looks beautiful on the skin (specially in photos). You just have to make sure you shake it really well to mix all the products together. I didn’t use to do this and thought the coverage of this foundation wasn’t great, then I read somewhere that you should shake it before use as some of the pigment sits on the bottom of the bottle and that has changed the way I felt about this foundation. I love it and it will probably be my wedding foundation.

I then conceal and highlight with the L’Óreal Paris True Match Concealer in the shade 3.N.. I apply it to my dark circles and T-Zone to highlight and blend it again using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This concealer has really nice coverage and it is also very hydrating which is great for my very dry skin.

To set it all I use two different products. For my under eyes I reach for the RCMA No Color Powder. This sets everything very nicely, doesn’t crease, doesn’t have any flashback and it highlights the area. I love this product as it is very smoothing and it is so, so affordable! For the rest of my face I apply the L’Óreal Paris Infallible Compact Powder in the shade 160.

For contour, I have been reaching for the Makeup Revolution Pro HD Contour Powder Palette in Light Medium. I love the shades (I use the first or second from the second row) and I think it gives my face a really nice and slightly natural contour to my face. If I am in the mood, I will also add a bit of bronzer to smooth out the contour. I have been loving the L’Óreal Paris Glam Bronze La Terra Bronzer in the shade 02.

For blush, I go with my one and only Kiko Milano Soft Touch Blush in 102 that unfortunately is discontinued but it is a beautiful, warm pink shade that looks perfect with most of the looks.

Finally, to highlight I go with the shade Mimosa from the ABH Glow Kit in Gleam.


The eyes are very simple and basic. I grabbed my current favourite – the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette. I started by applying faith all over my crease. Then to deepen it a bit more I applied lockout with a bit more precision. Then I went with Extra Bitter on my outer corner dragging it slightly up to my crease but keeping it away from the inner corner.

Then I applied Lethal, a very dark warm brown to my outer corner in a “V” shape followed by Pre-Game on the lid. To highlight the inner corner I applied Blow and that is the eyeshadow done.

For lashes I applied the L’Óreal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara after curling my lashes. I love this mascara. It really holds the curl, separates and elongates all my lashes. I don’t think I will ever change this product in my routine, unless a better one from drugstore appears or if L’Óreal comes up with a waterproof one. That would be so good!!


My brow routine has been pretty much the same for the past few months. I use the Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil in Deep Brown to fill in my brows and to keep them all in place I use the Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Filler in Medium Brown. My little secret is that when I brush my brows with the fiber filler, I brush them upwards. You might look crazy for a bit but then once the product dries, brush your brow to the shape you want. I like to do this as I think it gives a bit more of a natural look to my brows and they also look more bushy and full which is a look that I am all for.


The lips are as simple as it can get. I have two options on a daily basis: the L’Óreal Paris Color Riche Matte in the shade 640 Érotique or the L’Óreal paris Color Riche in 630 Beige à Nu. They are both on the nude spectrum, one being a nice nude pink (640) and the other more of a nude dark beige. I am bad describing color so feel free to look online for swatched because I didn’t even thing of taking some snaps of that nice detail.

And to finish it all, I spray again some of the NYX Dewy Finish Fini Velout Long Lasting Setting Spray all over my face and that is me done.
I love this look, it always looks nice and I like that the eye makeup goes with any lipstick so you can even go for a bright red if you feel like it. It also looks really pretty in pictures if I say so myself!

Share with me one of your go-to products that you think I should try.