How to Style an Red Jumper Dress

If you know me, you would be surprised every time I wear any sort of colorful outfit. I was always a neutrals kind of gal and anything more colorful in my wardrobe would rarely be worn. I have been trying to change that very slowly and this jumper dress was one of my recent very colorful additions to my wardrobe and I am freaking in love with it!!

I am not a jumper dress kind of person normally or any type of dresses really. I never feel 100% like myself and so it is really hard to find one that not only suits me but also makes me feel comfortable and this is all of that.

I bought this knitted jumper dress from H&M as soon as I saw it at LilyPebbles Instastories and I have no regrets. But the truth is that when I first bought it, I had no idea with what I was going to pair ot. This is what I came up with and it has quickly became my favourite winter outfit of 2017 (dragging to 2018).

Jumper dresses can easily make up look (or maybe feel like) you have a couple of more pounds than you really do. Some people don’t mind that but I was definitely trying to avoid that look.

To give this outfit a more elegant vibe, I paired it with my River Island Black Heeled Boots and it is a winner. These boots are so, so comfortable and easy to pair with any outfit. Since I bought them, I have found myself reaching out for them all the time to the point that I thought to myself – do I not have any other shoes to wear?

They are beautiful and happened to be perfect for this outfit.

You might be brave enough to walk around in bare legs during this cold UK weather but I am not that wild. And although I could have gone for natural tights, I really didn’t want to have my ankle tattoo since I am in the process of removing it (I might discuss this topic further down the line). So black tights it was and I love it. My favourite at the moment are the Scholl Compression Tights. They are great for my very tired legs from those long shifts at the hospital and they hold everything in place too.

Although this jumper dress is very thick, soft and warm, it might not be enough during very cold days. This time I actually wore a black fitted vest underneath to add an extra layer and I have also paired it with a big, soft and really warm H&M Woven scarf. Black goes with everything so there is no way you can go wrong and I really like how I look really warm and cozy when I wear it!

I love playing with accessories and adding statement pieces to transform the look. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets are some of the many options you have. I am a big statement earrings lover and I can’t resist when I find a beautiful pair. The ones I am wearing here are from Zara, they are stunning and go with absolutely everything (and are currently in sale for £3.99!!!).

I have also grabbed my favourite Zara Cross Body Bag that has some red embellishments in it that match perfectly with the H&M Jumper Dress. Unfortunately, this bag is from last year’s collection and I couldn’t find it anywhere but you can go for many different options like this one herehere and here.

And although red is the main color of this outfit and going with a black watch would be a safe choice, I decided to go with my new Michael Kors Watch in a blush pink. I think it paired beautifully and added a nice touch to the look. As if that wasn’t enough, I also wore my Pandora Rose Moments Bracelet and my Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Cuff.

So there you have an easy way of wearing an oversized red jumper dress. A nice pair of black ankle boots and a few statement pieces and you are good to go.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and also that you that love the outfit as much as I do. I am forever thankful to my fiancé that was very patient and kindly helped me photographing for this post. I think he did a pretty good job, right?

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