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As you may have read on my previous post, I recently bought some new makeup from Zoeva and thought what better way to share with you guys my thoughts on the products than by doing a sort of makeup tutorial? The whole aim was to do a video for Instagram but I thought it would fit perfectly on this blog post where I wanted to review all the products for you. 

I have tried Zoeva products previously and I still own a couple of things from them. It is definitely an amazing brand with such great variety of products and also within an affordable price range.

This look is completely different than what I normally go for, I assure you it was very hard to get away from the golds. Instead, I used a beautiful rusty copper to create another halo eye and it turned out quite good, in my opinion! It is indeed more of night-time look but still gorgeous.

To start off, let’s review this beautiful eyeshadow palette. The Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette has 15 beautiful shades that can be combined in numerous ways. Being mainly on the nude spectrum – hence the name – you can still add a pop of color if you want to by reaching out for the more vivid shades. 

The packaging is very sleek, light and easy to travel with. No mirror and I am ok with that since I always tend to break them and never actually used them so I do love this very minimal, travel friendly packaging.

The shades are like butter, they blend so easily and are pigmented enough to create a very subtle look or, if you want, to easily build up the color to the intensity you want.

The shimmer shades are to die for, they are an absolute gem. No need to even spray your brush with some fix plus and you have an amazing color payoff (although I think that if you do, it will look even better!).

They are a bit powdery so make sure you tap your brush before you apply it and I also did my eyes before anything else, which is my normal routine for when I do a more dramatic look.

With a mix of browns and shimmers, this eyeshadow palette gives you a bit of everything – you have some chocolate browns, gold shimmers, mauve-pinks that are perfect as transition shades and many nude cream shadows that are perfect to either set your eye primer or highlight the brow bone like the shades ND130 and ND140.

I also love that this palette has a beautiful matte black eyeshadow that is perfect to deepen out any look. It is probably not the blackest black I have ever tried but it sure is perfect to build up slowly and harder to mess the look up.

Overall, I really like this palette and I know that it will be my travel buddy for my next trips as it is so versatile, light to travel with and has a decent amount of shadows too.

Now, lets talk about the Zoeva Basic Moment Blush Palette. You may know that I have been deeply in love with the Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette (read more about it here) and with this one is no different. The reason why I bought it was because my rose gold one is long gone, although I keep trying to use anything that might be left in the pan.

The Zoeva Basic Moment Blush Palette is slightly different and I might love it even more. The blush is more of a coral pink, with no shimmer at all as the previous Rose Golden palette had. The highlight is a beautiful champagne colour – not too glittery or chunky. It gives the most perfect illuminated look you could aim for. I am not a fan of a very strong highlight but I love to get that dewy natural look and I think you can really achieve it with this one.

The contour shade is just beautiful. I think it is not much different than the one in rose gold palette. It has a beautiful grey undertone, perfect to create that natural shadow effect. It is pigmented but not that much that will give you a muddy look – unless you built it up too much.

Every time I use this contour (or the one from the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette) I get so many compliments and get asked what product am I using and that is definitely a plus.

This trio is worth every penny.

Again, it is very travel friendly with a compact packaging with no mirror at all. I love it.

Now lets jump to the lipstick and I have a lot to say about this liquid lipstick formula. I am talking about the Zoeva Pure Velours Lips. There are a total of eight stunning rosy and red shades claiming to dry to a matte, velvety finish and let me tell you – I love this.

I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks specially because their formula tends to be quite drying and uncomfortable to wear. The Zoeva Pure Velours Lips are completely different. The pigmentation is incredible, with one swipe you have full coverage colour and the way it feels on the lips is pretty amazing.

They apply very easily and feel very creamy, hydrating and comfortable to wear. Within a few seconds, it dries matte without make it feel like your lips can’t breath. It is very comfortable to wear (I think i’ve said this but oh well..) and it does last a long amount of time on the lips. They aren’t kiss proof but they don’t wear off that quickly. And when they do, it still looks good on the lips, specially if you go for more of a nude color as they just fade evenly. They are also very easy to apply, I love the doe foot applicator.

When looking at the eyeshadow palette, I was very inspired with the beautiful rusty copper shimmery shade and that is what this look was based on. I wanted to do something a bit different than my usual gold smokey eye and this is what I came up with – a sort of halo smokey eye with the rusty copper and some black in the mix – I went all in.

I first applied the shade ND150 and ND070 as a transition. They blended so well together and created the most beautiful transition shade. Then, I applied ND050 to the inner and outter corner, also blending it out to the crease to deepen it out whilst leaving the middle part of the lid bare. I then went with the matte black, ND030 and place it on top of the brown but avoid going to high on the crease or else you will just look like someone punched you in the eye.
On the center of the lid I applied the rusty copper shade, ND120, after I primed the lid with some concealer – this is an amazing trick that will completely change your game when doing halo eyes or any cut crease too. The shimmery shades also look much more pigmented when applied on top of concealed lids.
To highlight the inner corner and also browbone, I applied ND100 mixed with a bit of the highlight from the Basic Moment Blush Palette.

And this is how the whole look turned out. I absolutely love it and to be honest, the photos don’t even do it justice. I am still to learn how to take proper makeup photos that show the full potential of the eyeshadow looks I do!

Of course I used the contour shade, unfinished, from the Basic Moment Palette to bring some definition to my face by applying it on my check bones, forehead, nose and jaw line. The blush also looked beautiful and just put this whole look together.

The highlighter is stunning, I applied it on top of my cheeks, nose, cupids bow and very lightly on the middle of my forehead and chin.

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

The lipstick also ended up looking great with this eye makeup and, again, I just love how comfortable it is to wear. I will definitely be getting some more of the Zoeva lipsticks. They will easily become my favourite lipsticks to go for.

I really hope you liked this post. It was a struggle to write it because as I finished taking the photos I felt so poorly and ended up with the flu. So I am writing this in a very non-glamorous, messy way on my peacock onesie wrapped in a couple of blankets. I wish I was feeling as glamorous as I am in this pictures!

Sending you lots of love and leaving you with the one minute tutorial I put on my Instagram. If you want to know more about all the other products I applied, feel free to visit my Instagram and check the description of the video.