5 Tips On How to Chill & Let Go

(Location: Dublin & Bremen)

How easy it is to get caught up with stress at work? Or the anxiety of exams, essays or personal stuff that we just can’t seem to let go? It happens and we just need to find our own way to deal with it.
Sometimes, specially when I realize that I am being very annoying for no reason, I take a step back and try to figure out what is making me feel like that and what can I do to improve that. Here’s some of the things I do to get rid of that feeling.


Getting all that stress at work sometimes drives me mad and although some days I would prefer to be alone and do my own thing, being with my partner tends to be what relaxes me more.

He is a good listener (unless he is watching football or playing PS4) and gives good advice when needed.

Spending time with someone that will tell you want to need to hear than what you want to hear is always a good way to turn things around.


Nature is one of the most beautiful things and a simple walk to the park can be very calming and could easily boost your mood.

When I am alone, I can get a bit down or have lack of motivation to even move from the sofa. Pushing myself to leave the house is a challenging mission (I am a home bird) but when or if I do, it is totally worth it.

Take a book or listen to music whist walking around the park and allow yourself to leave back anything that might be stressing you out.

If you like sports, go for a run instead or even going to the gym and get all that anger and anxiety out might help.


I love food and so going out for a meal is always a good idea and always cheers me up. I love going out for breakfast with my best friend or for a really nice dinner with my fincé followed by a couple of drinks at the local pub. We don’t do it as often as we should but we do know when we need that little special time for ourselves and it is o nice o take the time to get ready, look glam for him and enjoy a nice meal out forgetting all problems and responsibilities.  


Life isn’t all about work. Remember that always as much of a workaholic you might be. If letting go is a struggle for you, why not finding at least one day – or even one afternoon – a week to do something you like, with whoever you want and allow yourself to have some fun? It might feel a lot better than you think!


Not everyone likes to be around people, I get it. I am more of a cuddles and kisses person when I am down or stressed. If I am angry, hug me tight and I will probably be fine. But there are times where I just want to be left alone and think about things and ways to get around them.
Spend time alone. Have a bath and think about life. Go shopping alone – if you like shopping, this can be very therapeutic (I have tried it myself, it is proved).
At the end of the day, if you aren’t in a good place or good mood, you might feel like you are not a good company and being alone can give you some time to put things into perspective.

But most of all, do something that makes you happy and makes you feel like yourself.