My Blogging Routine – Including FREE Blogging Planner Spreadsheet!


I know I am not an example to follow when it comes to blogging. My motivation comes and goes and I often take a couple of months break and that isn’t something I am proud of.

Yet, when I come back I do try and be consistent with my blog posts and also with sharing/promoting my content so that I have some interaction with other bloggers.

There are little things that do make a difference when it comes to increasing traffic to your blog and to make sure I don’t miss any important step I have created a blogging plan spreadsheet that helps me with keeping things organized and well scheduled as well as planning other blog posts.
Followed by that spreadsheet, my blogging routine includes five steps.



If you haven’t realized yet, I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That means that I have the weekend off and so I try and take some time during those days to plan my next week (or two) blog posts. It is so easy to have writers block and to not have any ideas for new posts so I do like to plan ahead.

But reality sometimes is harder than what we would like. I do work shifts and sometimes work all weekend but my secret is to grab one of the days off I have and plan some posts and come up with new ideas.

I didn’t use to do this and it was when I realized that I was having too many days with nothing new on the blog. With my new system, I have new content three times a week and if I do have time for an extra post, I do it. But I don’t commit to it.

We have to be able to realize how much will we be capable of doing in regards to our blog so we can achieve our goals. Three blog posts for me now is more than enough and it takes most of my time off.

So whenever I have a day off (weekend or not), I come up with new ideas for blog posts and write them down in the Ideas section of my spreadsheet.

Then, I go to the Schedule section and start planning my week ahead. I find it so much easier like this and then I can always go back to it to see what I need to do!



Again, days off are my secret. I always take a couple of hours a week on my day off to take some photos for my blog. Once you have your posts planned for the week ahead, you know well what you need to photograph and you will have time to put some effort into it and come with beautiful photography.

I am still learning a lot in this subject and I am trying to improve every day. It can be very frustrating for me the photography process so I make sure I do it in a day that I don’t have a lot going on so that I can take my time and not rush at all.

Once photos are taken, I tick it in my Schedule spreadsheet and the next step would be to edit them. To edit my photos I use Lightroom. It is quite easy and straight forward once you get the hang of it. I basically increase the brightness, add some more contrast and all to my photos. If you want a more detailed post on how I edit my photos, let me know.

After this, another tick in the box and we are one step closer of finishing this blogging routine.


Now we have to write down our post. This can sometimes be a struggle for me, specially when I need to write a blog post when I am doing a week of night shifts. Nights drain my energy and my brain just switches off during the day. It is much harder to write during those days.
Blogging_Planner_FreeSo to help me with that, I use my bullet journal to write the main topics I want to discuss in that bpost. For example with this one, I already had planned some of it by writing down the five main steps of my routine. Now, I just have to put them into more words but having the post layout already planned helps a lot when writing the full thing.

With beauty reviews, I always take notes of what I think of the products whilst I am trying them. Sometimes I try a product for two weeks and if I don’t take notes, writing that post will take much longer. Since I started doing this, my writing process has been going much smother and quicker.
After writing it all down, that’s another tick in the box. The next step would be the Spell Check. How many times did I go back to a blog post and noticed that I had written something wrong and it has been up for hours now? All because I would just write and post, not even checking it twice. I was lazy, I know.
Now, I make sure I read everything by previewing the post and then I make changes if necessary.

Another major extra step I added on to my routine is to add the “ALT_TXT” to all the photos by going to the image properties. This basically will make sure that people that google whatever you wrote on the “ALT_TXT” section (for example “Free Blog Planner Spreadsheet”), it will come up in their search. This increases the traffic to your blog and I used to miss this step quite often hence why it is now part of my spreadsheet.



This goes along with the first step, Planning. As I said, I plan a week ahead. But it is true that at times I come up with new ideas and I get so excited about it that I need to share it there and then.
But anyways, after writing your blog post, make sure you schedule it and hit the publish button when everything is done and dusted with.
That means that now you don’t have to worry about that post anymore and you can move on to the next when.
This is the easiest step of them all! Don’t forget to add some labels/categories to your post. This ables people that on the tag “beauty” to read all your other beauty related posts!



I have to say that this isn’t my favourite part. Promoting includes sharing your post on Twitter or any other social media and that is the bit I don’t like very much.
Therefore, I try and schedule tweets for that blog post as soon as I finish writing it. To schedule I use the platform Hootsuite“. It is such a great platform and you can use it not only for Twitter but also Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and many others. I love it and it does make my life much easier when it comes to promoting my blog posts.

I promote them mostly on twitter as I feel that that is the best platform to share your blog and interact with other bloggers. A little trick is to also schedule at least two more tweets to be published throughout the day encouraging people to follow you on Bloglovin’ or linking them to a previous blog post. Tag some twitter accounts that will retweet such as @FemaleBloggerRT. It helps a lot.

The bit that I love about this last step is to comment other blogs. This is also a great way of interacting with other bloggers and if you are truly genuine and you comment with honesty, people will end up going back to your blog and probably subscribe.
Don’t do any spam comment because that won’t get you anywhere. So make sure you take some time to read other people’s blog posts and interact with them.

I also take some time, mostly around bedtime, to scroll down through twitter and reply to some of them. I have been loving doing that recently!

Promoting is very time consuming and it can be frustrating when you take a lot of your time to do it and don’t see any changes in your traffic but just be patient and work hard for it. You hard work will eventually pay you back.

So here you have guys, my very long and time consuming blogging routine but that I do love. It is my favourite hobbie and I have been very proud of the work that I have been doing.

I do have to admit that my spreadsheet has been helping me loads and I have created it with inspiration in other blog planners and lists.

Other handy sections that that spreadsheet includes are “Blog Stats” and also “Collaborations”. I love it because it helps me keep track of all my previous work and it also gives me an overview on my numbers so I can identify where I need or have to improve.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. It took me some time to put it together but I am very happy with it. You will also be able to get this very handy blogging spreadsheet. All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter bellow and you will have an e-mail dropping of in your inbox in no time with the file!

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Hope this post helped you even if just a tiny bit with your blogging routine and organization!