My Cinderella Story: We’re Engaged!

If I tell you that Cinderella is my favourite Disney movie, I believe that that says a lot about me. Getting married and wearing a beautiful princess dress has been one of my biggest dreams ever since I can remember and it finally came true.

After (almost) six years together, Miguel decided to propose and I can easily say that it was the best day of my life.

I have been quiet for so long here on the blog and for some reason, today was the day where I woke up full of inspiration and motivation for a fresh start. And since I have this great news, I decided to start with it and share it with all of you.

The 30th of April 2016 was the day that my loved one decided to go down on one knee – oh yes he did! – and ask the magical question “Will you marry me?”. And here is how it all went. Here is my own Cinderella story.

It all started with a little surprise trip. Miguel and I had a few days off together and he decided to book us in a little adventure. I knew that we were going away but I never found out where until I got to Manchester Airport. It was not the first time that he did this – he once booked a flight to Rome and I wasn’t suppose to find out the destination but he accidentally put it on his calendar and I saw it whilst he was showing me is off duty. So nothing suspicious about him doing this surprise.
I was very excited as I love to travel and even not knowing where, it was all very enthusiastic.
The most complicated thing was to pack as he was very limited in giving me information about the weather and I was panicking over that.

Anyway, we got to Manchester Airport and I found out that we were going to get a flight to Brussels, but that wasn’t where we were staying for the first two days!
We landed in Brussels and straight away he said that we had to get a train to another place. We ended up in Bruges and so the adventure started!

Finally in Bruges, we headed to the Novotel Hotel. Very central, close to everything and easy to find.
I loved this city from the first minute I stepped out of the train – full of greens and with its beautiful medieval architecture. The water canals is what, for me, turned this city so special.
Miguel had it all planed and did some research in nice places to eat. We went to Ribs ‘n Beer where we had the most amazing ribs. The best ones for me where the ones with the chocolate and beer sauce – yes, it sounds weir but tastes delicious!!
After this, we had a free walking tour booked – Bruges by Night – and it was absolutely amazing and so entertaining. We got to know the deepest secrets of Bruges and so much of its history!

Lac D'amour Brugge

The second day in Bruges was the one where it all happened. We had a lovely day walking around town, trying the amazing chocolate and waffles that this city as to offer as well as the lovely little shops they have.
We also visited Minnewater, a beautiful park where there is the Lake of Love (Lac d’amour) and Lovers Brigde. We loved it so much that I asked Miguel to go there again at night time as I thought it would be even more beautiful that what it was on day light – and yes, you might have guessed it. The proposal ended up being there. Cheesy? Not at all!

We went back to the hotel for a while, got ready and went for dinner at The Olive Tree, a Greek restaurant in Bruges where we add booked a table earlier that day – Miguel had read great reviews about it and they weren’t lying.
The food was absolutely delicious and the service was amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and kind!
Also, it wasn’t too expensive and the amount of food was very generous and that is something that I do appreciate as I absolutely love to eat!

After that, we headed back to the park and once again visited the Lake of Love – the place where I would get engaged. For me it was just a beautiful lake, beautiful park. I had no idea of the name at that time. And when I found out it all became even more special.
During the day, it is crowded and not as peaceful as it was at night. I am so happy we went back there not only because it turned out to be the place where I became future Mrs Gonçalves but because at night it has its own beauty, totally different that what we had experienced during the day.

The night was quiet, there wasn’t a lot of people around and that made the proposal so intimate, personal and romantic. Miguel proposed when there was no one around. The moment and place was ours and no one else’s. And it will be forever.
I have always thought I would cry my eyes out when this moment came but I think I was so shocked and full of happiness that all I did was smile from ear to ear and hug him with all my heart (and arms). Writing this post and playing it all over again in my head now makes me very emotional. I am such a lucky girl!

I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. It was nothing like I ever dreamed of. It was way, way better. I never thought that Miguel would surprise me like this. He is such a quiet person that I always thought it wouldn’t happen anywhere public and here is what he came with.
An amazing place with a beautiful (and more than appropriate) name. And you know one other best thing? It was caught on camera.
We try and vlog our trips all the time, we have done it to almost all of them I believe and this one wasn’t exception. I normally put all the footage together and upload it to YouTube to show it to my friends and family and because of that, I will have this special moment registered forever (scroll down or click here for the video)

As always, he surprised me and I know he will never stop doing it for the rest of our life. We will get married on the 28th of July 2018.

There is a lot to plan and a lot to dream about. I want to take things slow and enjoy every little moment of the wedding planning process and I will try and share it with you here on the blog. It might give you some inspiration but it will also be my little diary to look back after a few years.

So keep your eyes out for my wedding series post as I have already done a little list with some ideas!


Hope you enjoyed the post. See you soon!