Trending: How to Style Aviator Biker Jacket

Unless you have been living under a rock, Aviator Jackets are the big thing now. Every blogger has been sharing their ways to style it and I have fallen in love with it thanks to Victoria’s from Inthefrow on her post on “The Four Key Pieces for Your Autumn Wardrobe”.

Warm and comfortable but also full of style, this is definitely something you want to have on your wardrobe.

I bought the extact same one that Victoria had on her photos, the Faux Fur Aviator Biker Jacket, £79 and I am in love and can’t wait to wear it.

But as I know I am not the best or more creative person when it comes to fashion, I thought it would be a great idea to find some inspiration on pinterest and share it with you so I can give you some ideas too.

With this little research, I found that the go-to style is to pair it with some silky or faux leather jeans and as I don’t have any of them, I am already looking for a pair to add to my wadrobe – let me know of any that you love and think that I must have.


Black, grey. blue and even burgundy. there are a lot of colors to choose from. I got mine in all black and I am super in love with it.
The faux fur feels so smooth and the jacket itself feels like more money than it acutally is.

Either with silke, faux leather trousers or jeans, there are many ways to style your Aviator Biker Jacket dresing it up or down, depending on your mood and occasion.


What do you think of the new trend? I am absolutely loving it and I can’t wait to put together some outfits wih what I have on my wardrobe.

* All images where found whilst browsing on Pinterest. Couldn’t not find the original source. Please let me know if these photos are your own for me to either mention you in this post or to remove them.