Autumn Favourites // Kiko Milano, Maybelline & More.

Hello everyone! Long time no see. For the last two weeks I have been away in Madeira spending time with my family and hence why the lack of posts. It is funny that althought I was on holiday, I didn’t get the change to blog at all simply because I wanted to enjoy every day with my family without focusing in anything else and I don’t regret doing that at all.

I had such a wonderful time and I also had the chance to try new products (mainly from Kiko Cosmetics) and so I thought I woud share them with you.

Kiko Milano products are always quite affordable and for all the ones I have tried until now, they also have very good quality. I am still yet to try their lipsticks and foundations, something that is definitely on my list. Not having a local store here where I live, everytime I go to Portugal I try and grab a few things that catch my eye and after I tried them all, they easily became my go to products for an everyday look, along with a couple of others that will also be mentioned so, let’s go for it!

Kiko Milano Volume Attraction Mascara , £7,20 . You might know from a previous post that I went for an LVL Lash Lift Treatment and since then mascara wasn’t a thing I would necessarily apply as I truly didn’t feel the need for it. Yet, after about 7 to almost 8 weeks after having it done, I notived that some of the lashes started going back to normal and so it got to the point where I needed to apply macara to make them even. Yes, I will go for another LVL lashes treatment again but as this happened while I was on holiday, mascara was the easy option. I wanted something that would give my lashes lenght and volume without any clumps for a very enlongated eye effect and this mascara does it all. It is not waterproof and so it is very easy to remove as it is to apply. It takes a while to dry out and so that makes it so easy to apply a second layer if needed.

Kiko Milano Precision Eyeliner , £6,90 . Once in a while I like to do an eyeliner to add a little something to my makeup and while I am not good and don’t really suit a winged eyeliner (I think I still need to get the angle right) I do love a quite simple liner on top of my lashes. Thick enough to be noticable but also thin enough to not look overdone. I have tried gel liner – not a fan – and eyeliner felt pens that I actually like but because I don’t use it a lot, the tips gets quite dry for some reason and so it gets so hard to d something with it. Yet, everytime I see someone using a liquid liner I feel like that would be the one for me but I had to avoid the ones with the very solid and not at all practical tips.

This one as a very thin, soft and practical felt tip that helps you achive a perfect liner. It dries to a lovely matte finish that I quite liked, comparing to the one that had a shine to it. It does not fade or transfer and it is the blackest black you can imagine. Love it and it has been a go-to product.

Kiko Milano Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour in 201, £9,90 . Countor sticks have always intrigued me and although they do scare me slightly, I decide it was time to give it a go with this one. Only available in two shades, I went for the darkest one (201) that is not as dark as it might look. It has a sort of grey undertone that helps to achieve a sort of natural shadow to your face when countouring with this product. The only down side is that when I tried to use it with the Urban Decay All Nigher Foundation, things didn’t go quite well. It was a bit difficult to blend and when I thought I was getting it right, I noticed that it in the places that I applied and was blending this product, the foundation was disappearing.
I gave it another shot with another foundation and it worked really well. Still, not very easy to blend but managable. I prefered to blend it with the Real Techniques Contour Brush than with the makeup sponge. It gave me a very nice contoured look without being to overdone. It is not something I reach to on a daily basis as I personally don’t like to contour all the time but when I have a bit of more time and if I have any special occasion, I definitely use it and love the final result.

Kiko Milano Soft Touch Blush in 102 . I am not a blush person so owning one or two is always enough. Yet, when doing more earthy toned makeup, I noticed that both of the blushes I had were quitte pink and honestly, I think I had enough of them. I found this product on sale and can’t find it on the website anymore but it is, for me, the most beautiful blush ever for either autumn/winter. It is a muted medium rosy brown with warm undertones and it goes so well with any eye look. It is so creamy, nicely pimented and blends so well! It also is quite longlasting and not powdery at all. I am absolutely in love. I honestly did not think I was going to love this blush as much as I do – it will be my blush travel buddy for the next trips.

Morphe Brushes R39 Rose Gold Edition , £5.50 . Morphe Brushes are my favourite and his new rose gold edition is so pretty it makes me want to own all of them and I think I might actually go for it and buy them for Christmas! The R39 is the perfect tapered blender blush that makes blending any shadow easy. It is so soft, easy to use and… affordable. What more could I ask for?

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color in Nude Thrill, £6,99 . This has also been my go yo lip color this Autumn. The perfect dusty rose with a hint of brown is what you get on this liquid lip color. It has a velvet finish that I could not believe I would be a massive fan of. It is so soft, easy to apply and altough it is not as long lasting as many of us would like, its velvet finish makes it easy to touch up without any worries. I love it.

Have you tried any of these products?



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