Morphe 35O Palette // First Impressions

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this post with you! I have been wanting to put my hands in the beautiful Morphe 35O Eye Shadow Palette for so long but unless I wanted to spend more than it’s worth on ebay, I had to wait until it was in stock. Finally, on the 21st of October, Beauty Bay had some in stock and I didn’t even think twice before purchasing it. I wanted it for so long and I wasn’t going to loose this opportunity.

This palette is one of Jaclyn Hill’s favourites and for that reason, many people also wanted to have it in their collection and I was one of them.

Beauty Bay is my favourite online makeup/beauty store not only because of their variety of products but also because they are very efficient and the delivery is always so fast! In one day you can have this palette at your door. So, good job Beauty Bay! The palette retails for £21 and it is currently out of stock but if you keep an eye on Beauty Bay’s website and twitter, you will get it at some point!

Keep in mind that this is a first impression and I have not used all of the eye shadows. I might do a more in depth review when I get to try every single one of them. Now let’s talk about the palette!

With a very compact, sleek and mirror free packaging, this palette is so travel friendly and althought is does have 35 eye shadows, the size is perfect! I thought it would be slightly big due to the amount of shadows but they actually managed to squeeze them in to make it a decent size that wouldn’t take a crazy amount of space.

From cooler grey-toned browns to fiery sunset colors, this palette has the perfect mix for either a simple and effortless daytime look or a full on glam smokey eye.

It has such a variety of colors that you won’t know what to go for. I struggled to decide which eye shadows to pick for my first look using this palette.

It has a perfect balance of matte and shimmer eye shadows so if you are like me that can’t live without your mattes but also loves a bit of sparkle once in a while, I think this is ideal.

Looking at this palette just through pictures doesn’t do any justice. The first time I opened it I was amazed by every single eye shadow – specially the last one on the right corner.

So today I had a mission – to create a fall makeup look and take note of all my first thoughts and impressions about this palette.

I was aiming to create a very warm and sort of orange toned look with a bit of shimmer and I ended up with exactly that!

All the colors I used blended beautifully and are amazingly pigmented! I didn’t have to build it up too much to make it as intense as I wanted and that is great and not at all time consuming!

Most of the eyeshadows I used are also very creamy, specially the shimmer one that I placed on the center of the lid.

It is like you are applying butter to your eyelids and although this does not sound great, it indeed is when it comes to eye shadows.

There is a slight fallout in some of the eye shadows that I was already aware of and so I did my eye makeup first and then the rest of the face – it is an easy problem to solve.

Again, the pigmentation of the eye shadows is impressively good and the fallout does not affect any of that.

One thing that saddens me about the Morphe 35O is that there are no names for the eye shadows but I can certainly live with that.

Some people might not like the fact that the palette does not have a mirror but for me that is something I do like. I never use the mirrors in the palettes and so for me, they don’t have any use and just get messy. Also, because I travel every couple of months to visit my family, there is always a risk of them breaking so not having one is one less thing to worry about.
I am in love on how this look turned out and to make it 100% fall, I paired it with dark lipstick and I have no regrets. A nude lipstick is also an option but if you want to go all in, a dark lip is what to go for.

I am so glad to have his palette in my collection and I know I will carry it around to everywhere I go. I will be sharing more information on the makeup look I created so say tuned and follow me on bloglovin for future posts.

What do you think about this palette?