5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Harder


Wether it is with blogging or with my job itself as a nurse, once in a while I lack motivation to the point where moving out of the chair is extremely difficult. There is no enthusiasm or joy at work due to this lack of motivation and this recently has been hiting me really hard. For that reason and also whilst reading Corrie’s post on “In Defence of Not Being a Girl Boss All The Time”, I came up with this post where I would share with you 5 ways to motivate yourself to leave the cozy blanket and onzie, put some clothes on and be productive. I realize this can be harder than it actually looks but you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I can do this!”.

There are so many reasons behind the lack of motivation and one of them includes how you feel at your work place. I have to say that recently, whilst things with my blog have been pretty good, at the hospital it has been totally different. It is all upside down, none of us know what will be waiting for us around the corner and that lack of stability leaves us questioning everything and also makes us feel unhappy at work. Working with people that are always in a bad mood and that don’t appreciate your work is also a major factor and it is so hard to deal with that in a daily basis that sometimes all that you think about is change.

So with this, let’s start with the 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Harder.

Find Some Inspiration.
The best way for me to start doing something is by seeing/reading things that inspire me. Read a blog of someone you love, listen to some TED Talks that show you how to appreciate the life you have and makes you want to be better! Positivity is contagious so this might help you on finding the motivation you need!

Make a Change.
Motivation_HacksSometimes the reason why you are lacking so much motivation is because there is something that is missing or maybe you feel like you don’t belong. At this point, step back and think about what you can change to make you feel better – sometimes you need to change environments at your work place (like applying for a different ward like me) or with your blog, change your layout, template or header. Little things make a big different and sometimes all we need is a fresh start!

Express Yourself. 
When you are feeling down and with zero motivation, talking to someone about it might help.We have all been there and I am sure that person you choose to talk to will have a friendly word of advise to give you. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone about your problem, write it down. Being aware of what is bothering you and causing that lack of motivation is the first step for improvemet.

Stop Procastinating.

Working from home isn’t always great. Specially now during these grey, cold days it can be very easy to spend the day drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows wrapped in a cozy blanket while watching your favourite show on Netflix. But that won’t get you anywhere! It will probably make you feel bad at the end of the day for not doing anything productive. So get yourself dressed and ready, write a to do list and start doing something good and enthusiastic.

Set Some Goals.
To do lists are one of my addictions. First because I love being organized and second because I am always more motivated and producive when I have a to do list to follow.
So set some goals! It doesn’t have to be anything big, I am talking about daily things that you know you can achieve and this will hopefully motivate you to do more throughout the day.
My bullet journal is great for these kinds of things as I always plan my day the night before and it gives me time to also prioritize any tasks, saving me some time the morning after.

What advice do you have to give to someone that is seeking more motivation?