Gratitude Log // August

If you are a bullet journal lover, you know that gratitude log is a thing and, if you are like me, you probably love it. There is something amazing about writing down in paper the things that you are grateful for – it lifts your mood, it changes your prespective in life during those bad days and it is just good to remind us that there are great things in life.

As I have not filled in my bullet journal at all for ages (currently waiting for my new, pink Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook for a fresh start) and since it is the end of the month and I though why not make this a blog post? And here it is.

Family time.

This month I had two full weeks with my family in Madeira Island and I had such a great time. We went to the beach a lot, I relaxed and spent some amazing quality time with my family and I truly had a blast. Sad that it came to an end but soon, very soon, I will be back.

Our 5th Anniversary.

On the 1st of August we celebrated 5 years together. Time flies when you are having fun, right? We spent the day together, went on a 3 hour boat ride that was lovely but could have been better if we  haven’t felt so sea sick and after that, a delicious dinner with an amazing view followed by a walk down the promenade eating an ice cream. We really enjoyed each other company and had so much fun. Can’t wait for many more years together.

Movie nights.

One thing that I really miss when I am in Madeira on holidays is the movie nights with my boyfriend. When we go back home we basically stay at our parents house and try to see each other often but living together for three years makes you miss little things like brushing your teeth together and also movie nights. Since we have got back from Madeira we have been catching up our favourite tv shows and also movies and I just love those moments with him.

Planning holidays.

Who doesn’t love planning holidays and other things to look forward to? August was one of those months. Although we do travel quite often, it is mainly to go home and visit family in Madeira. Other than that, we rarely visit other countries/cities but we ar trying to do it more often. So this month we planned a four day escape to Bremen, Germany for my boyfriends birthday and I am so excited! It looks like such a beautiful city, I really can’t wait to get there. We are going next week and I need to start looking for beautiful places to eat and visit.

Another thing that we booked for December was to see André Rieu in Liverpool and honestly, I am counting the days. I love his concerts, I have watched so many on YouTube and I adore how magical and perfect it looks and sounds. I am so happy I will be able to witness such thing.


This is a constant in every single month but yes.. Work. I love my job, I love the team I work with and I know that I shouldn’t take it for granted when there are so many people out there (and specially in Portugal) trying so hard to get and job and simply can.

So even though somethings I lack the energy or motivation to go to work, I just remind myself that I can do and have what I have now because of this job. And I am so blessed to be able to do something I like with amazing people.

What were your highlights this month?