How to Know You’re in a Strong & Healthy Relationship

Although I am not a pro in relationships or whatsoever, it is a subject that I do like to talk about and I feel like I can not only help others with this but also help myself. Throwing my thoughts into a blog post, somehow, really helps me to settle down any of my worries and it also relaxes me a lot.

I guess because I have spent quite a lot of time on my own recently, I have been overthinking things and that leads to new blog post ideas – great!

I have been blessed with an amazing boyfriend that treats me like a princess and showed me what true love is. With that, I got to know what an healthy relationship is and so I thought I would share it with you with the aim of showing you single girls what to look for and, hopefully, having a lot of women that are taken relating to what I am writing.

You speak your thoughts

I love that I am able to be myself when I am with my boyfriend. It is amazing to no have any restrictions and truly show who you are. He is my best friend and he will always be the person I reach to when I have any problems – even if they are related to our relationship.

Being together in silence is normal & feels great

I can stress enough how important it is to have time alone in a relationship. That doesn’t have to be only when your partner is not around but also when you are together.

Many times I am sat on the sofa on my blog, reading other blogs or simple in my own little world, reading a book and my boyfriend is right next to me doing is own thing. We might not talk for half or one hour because we are enjoying time alone while with each other and that is the best.

You treat each other with kindness

This is pretty obvious. There is always time for a cuddle, a kiss, a hug or a smile. Kindness is one of the major keys of love and healthy relationships. Treat each other with kindness even when it is a bad day and things aren’t going so well because that is what is going to help you go through those situations too.

Decisions are made jointly

In my opinion, for things to work decisions need to be made together. Specially the ones that might affect your future. All relationships have goals and plans for the future and a lot of decisions have to be made. I agree that things have to be discussed between each other, balance pros and cons before making big decisions – and even little ones if you feel the need to.

You show affection & love in the little things

“He never tells me he loves me”. This is annoying. While some people easily express their feeling through words, many others find it hard, no matter how honest and strong their feelings are. Yet, that is not a reason for you to doubt about someones feelings for you because more than in words, love is in the little things.

Love is when he makes you breakfast or cooks you your favourite meal when you get home from work. It is when he plans a cuddle+film+popcorn kind of night and leaves the bed all ready and cozy for you. 

The little things are the ones that truly matter.

Laughter is a daily ingredient for your happiness

I once read that while there is laughter, there is future in a relationship and I could not agree more with that. Making my boyfriend laugh is one of the things I love to do.

Laughing together is amazing and it truly shows happiness. I don’t think I need to say more about this.

You love each other for who you are

I can’t tell you how many times I see people trying to fix their partners flaws, instead of embracing them as part of what they are. When you are in a relationship you should love each other no matter what. Their flaws can annoy you, that is a fact but trying to change it will only make it worse.

And many more I could add to this post but I really don’t want to make it long and boring – maybe it is already – but these are surely the ones that in my opinion show that you are in a great relationship and I am so blessed to have this in my life.