Givenchy Paris Dahlia Divin Eau the Toilette


Having lots of perfumes sitting in my dressing table has never been usual for me. I normally have one or two and I stick to them until it runs out and I have to replace them. Recently I had to stock up and so last time I was at Manchester Airport I had a look around and spoted the new Givenchy Paris Dahlia Divin Eau the Toilette and I was in love with it since the first time I smelt it.

I have never owned a perfume that was so beautiful in terms of packaging. The bottle itself is very luxurious with the beautiful gold details and pink colored fragrance.

Although I am definitely not a person that loves flowery scents, this perfume is something else. It has a very fresh, light and sexy flowery scent that will last for a hours and will make you feel like a princess. Not too strong but intense enough for people to ask you kindly which perfume are you wearing and quickly add it to their whishlist.

Givenchy Paris Dahlia Divin Eau the Toilette envelopes your skin with a fresh and soft sensuality, perfect for that special date night with your loved one and even for a day that you want to feel special and one of a kind.

It is my favourite perfume and honestly, not something that I thought I would love this much. I am so surprised with myself and I am starting to notice that as I get older, little things like this have changes. I now prefer a more delicate, light and fresh scent like the Givenchy Paris Dahlia Divin Eau the Toilette than anything else.