Favourite Self Tan Bronzing Face Lotion ft St. Tropez

I never thought I would love fake tan as much as I do now but if there is one thing that really annoys me about it is fake tanning my face. It never looks right and always feels so scary to do! Having your face much paler than your body is not a problem when you wear foundation but if you go to the beach makeup free and end up taking a couple of photos, it looks really weird and I don’t like it at all. This happened to me a couple of days ago during my holidays in Madeira so since then, I have been looking for the perfect face tanning lotion that will give my complexion a natural looking and glowing tan and I think I found it!!

The St Tropez Self Tan Sensitive Bronzing Lotion Face, 50 ml retails for £21.50 at Boots but I’ll tell you my secret – I miraculously found it at TK Max for £7.99 if I am not wrong and I thought I should give it a go. I am glad I did!

The packaging is very simple and easy to use without being too messy. The lotion has quite a weird sent that I can’t really explain but it does not annoy me at all and it goes quite quickly. To apply, I use a buffing brush from Morphe to make sure it applies evenly so I don’t get any dry patches and look all weird. I also blend it to my ears with the remaining product left on the brush so it looks as natural as possible.

You won’t notice a big difference with just one application but the day after I applied it twice (morning and evening) and I really noticed a difference when I woke up the following day. I guess the trick with this product is really to apply it once or twice a day to maintain that bronzed, glowing looking skin for a long period of time.

It is so easy to use this product that it is unreal! I thought I would look like I just hit my face with mud but it really looks very natural and honestly beautiful. I am so glad I found this product and I will definitely be using it very often, specially when getting ready for my holidays in a couple of weeks! It gives my skin a really healthy glow that I don’t feel the need to wear makeup as well.

If you love fake tan and struggle with your face just like me, you should definitely try out this product.

Make sure to do a sensitivity test to verify if you are allergic to the product but I had no problems at all. 

Love, love, love this product and recommend it to anyone who does not want that their pale face looks like is floating on top of a great tanned body! 

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