PANDORA JEWELLERY // A Timeless Favourite


In my opinion, Pandora jewellery is the most elegant and classic that you can find at quite affordable prices. I am a big fan of the bracelets and how you can collect memories with little beautiful charms but recently I have fallen in love with their earrings and rings.

Lucky enough, I have a boyfriend that pays attention to almost everything I say and apparently, he has been keeping an eye out for any pretty jewellery and for no reason, he simply spoiled me with a ring, a cute little bracelet and a charm that because it was too small, I ended up exchanging for a pair of earrings. I can’t tell you how special I felt when for no apparent reason, he decided to gift me with a few Pandora goodies. And because I love it so much, I really wanted to share this with you.


Although I do love the three gifts so much, I have to say that the Cosmic Stars Ring is my favourite piece. It is so sparkly but yet very elegant and timeless. It looks amazing and you can definitely wear it with a more casual outfit as it will give it a beautiful touch.

The Sparkling Classic Lace Earrings are so, so stunning! They are as sparkly as the ring and really look beautiful specially if you are wearing your hair in a messy bun or ponytail. Even the lady at the restaurant noticed them and mentioned how beautiful they are.

Apparently on the website it says that these two items were discontinued but I literary got them two days ago and the earrings I bought in store. So if you want to spoil your self or if you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend, I would say that these are an amazing choice if she likes elegant, classic and sparkly jewellery. 

I am so happy with these beautiful pieces that I added to my jewellery collection. They are perfect to wear for the wedding I am attending in August! Now I just need to get the dress. Any advise on where I can buy a beautiful maxi dress? Let me know!