Once in a while, it feels great to put all the beauty reviews, makeup trends and fashion updates aside and really focus on what life is all about – the little things. I can easily get a bit bored of all the beauty posts on my blog and so I tend to throw a lifestyle/self-improvement post here and there.

Today, I decided to take a bit of my time to think about seven things that I am grateful for.



Life has always been kind to me. I don’t know if it is because I never risk too much and therefore I can’t really be disappointed but life has been pretty darn good to me lately. I am slowly finding my path and it feels great.


A few years ago I had a ruff time where I wasn’t really feeling 100%. Finally after a few months, everything settled down and I am feeling as healthy as I could be. Also, every one around me is so, so well and that is so gratifying.


Being together for almost five years now and living in the same house for two is something to be thankful and proud of! Miguel has definitely been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He is not only a fantastic boyfriend but he is also my best friend. He will always give me the best advice. He is honest, caring and has an amazing heart. I am so proud to call myself his girlfriend and I really couldn’t imagine my life without him.



Moving to another country is something that will gradually show you how many real friends you have. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, the truth is that life gets busy and you won’t talk with each other all the time. Yet, when you both need and want to talk about life, you are always available and it feels like you’ve gone back years. I am so happy to still have a few great friends that I can share great moments with.


I was always so thankful for having such a loving and supporting family but nowadays I am so conscious of how lucky I am for having an amazing relationship with my mom, dad and brother. Moving away from home only made this bond stronger and truly unbreakable. I don’t know if they realize how amazing they really are and how good it is to have such loving parents and brothers always by my side.


I am so lucky to have two places that I can call home – one, in Portugal. Where all my family is and the beautiful home that I was born and raised. It is a place I always want to go back to and it is really where I belong. Yet, moving to the UK gave me the opportunity to have my own place and to start my little family with my boyfriend Miguel. There is no place like home and I am lucky enough to have two and to be equally happy in each one of them.



This follows all I said above. I have everything I need to be an happy, accomplished woman. I have a family and partner that loves me, a job that I absolutely adore, an hobby that I love more and more as time goes by (this little blog) and just my life in general. I am in such an happy place in my life that it kind of feels unreal now thinking about it.

People say that money doesn’t buy happiness and they are so right! I really hope that things only get better as time goes by and when I have any bad day or moments, I can always go back to this post and remind myself how lucky I am to have such amazing people by my side.