Living with your boyfriend

Moving in with your partner will be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Yet, there will always and forever exist things that will make you itch and the more you try, the less it is worth trying.

I have been living with my boyfriend for almost three years now and although it was one of the best things that has happened to me and we do get along quite perfectly, he still has some manners or behaviours (manly behaviours) that annoy me and even though I know that it will never change, I still tell me off every single time. 

So, just in case that you are moving in with your boyfriend, you have been warned. Things like the following might happen – or maybe my boyfriend is a weirdo (but I love him anyways, always!)

1. Sock Party. You will learn that not every man knows where is the laundry basket when you find socks randomly on the floor or even in the middle of the sheets for no reason. There will always be a sock, no matter what – and sometimes, that sock might be just next to your beautiful face (yes, it has happened to me).

2. Tornadoes 24/7. You know that feeling when you just tidied up everything and it just looks perfect, seamless? It is a great feeling, isn’t it? Well, it won’t last long. There will always be that beautiful tornado you can call your boyfriednd that will kind of turn it all upside down. But you don’t mind and you smile, because you love him. Yeah right!

3. Bad Timing. There will be moments that you need him to go and help, but you won’t ask. You never ask because you want to give him a chance to be a gentlemen and so you do your own thing thinking: “He will listen to all of this chopping , washing dishes and opening cabinets and he will come. We will, because he knows I need his help”. Let me tell you friend, most of the time they won’t. They will be to busy playing FIFA, Call of Duty or whatever and they probably wouldn’t even notice if you leave the house for a couple of hours.

4. Can I have a bit of the bed, please? Oh, this is a daily struggle. Constantly feeling like you sleep in a single bed is what my life is all about. Without wanting to throw much information out there, my boyfriend sleeps in such a funny position that I barely have any room in the bed. There is always a leg, arm or buttock hanging out and I just live with it because.. oh well, because I have tried everything and he still does the same! No matter what, we will have 95% of the bed and I will have 5%. Maybe not even that, when the cat sleeps with us.

5. He will play the victim, always. No matter how little men do, in their mind they always do more than us. Unless you show him a list of the tasks you and him completed, he will never tell a difference. He will always be the one that does the dishes or cooks all the time, in his mind.

And here you have – five little things that likely (but not obligatory) could happen to you when moving together.

Is it ideal or fairy tale worth? Maybe not. But it will make you smile or even upset for a little second but it is so worth it! I would not imagine myself not living with my boyfriend anymore. I miss his 100kg legs on top of mine, even when I am complaining all the time. I will miss waking up scared of falling out of bed and finding socks on the darkest, deepest sides of this bed.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I really had a fun time writing and I can’t imagine what my boyfriend will think when he reads this haha.