There are certain periods in our life where we are filled with uncertainties, fears and really hopelessness. During those times, it is almost impossible to focus or even stay positive. All we can think about is all the negativity and bad things happening there and then and that is something that can drain all of our energy.

I find myself to be a very positive, dreamy person and honestly, I love that about myself. I think that this quality allows me to achieve great things that I wouldn’t if I was a more “down to earth” kind of person.

Recently, there are a lot of thing happening around me. Things that not really include myself but my dear ones and they are not necessarily good things.

So today, I just thought on writing about how to be and stay positive when everything else around you crumbles.


It is the worst thing people could tell you when you are in a bad period of your life but it is true: everything will be fine, YOU will be fine. With time, things will get sorted. All you need is just a little patience.


Having a lot of things to do at once is not only exhausting but also increases your stress and consequently how positive you feel. Build a To Do List, create a schedule, prioritize your tasks for a much more organized and stress-free day. Bullet Journals are great for that – read my post about it here or here


Having the ability to find sometime positive in a bad situation is something that not all of us can say we have but it is a quality that we should all work on. Bad things happen to everybody – what changes is how you deal with the situation. Try to always learn from it by finding cherry on top of that horrible, moldy cake.


Healthy body, healthy mind – that is what they like to say. Yet, being 100% healthy is so hard and requires a lot of discipline and focus but if you gradually add new, healthy habits to your lifestyle, you will notice a big difference no only physically but mostly mentally. Try to drink more water for example, avoid fast food or all that rubbish food that we all love (sweets, crisps, chocolates.. oh my!). It will be worth it. 


I can’t advise this enough. This is one of the main things to do if you want to remain positive and have good energies around you. Cut off people that don’t believe in you, that only put you down or just pretend to be there for you when they aren’t. You don’t need them.


On the other hand, try to spread your great energy and positivity to others and you will receive much more in return.


I find that I had this problem where I couldn’t accept 100% a critic, even if it was a constructive one. That changed with time and I am glad it did. Accepting criticism is one of the best things for self improvement and actually challenging yourself, believing that you can do better than that.


If you don’t love yourself or even if you don’t take time with yourself, you build up a lot of stress, anxiety and all that bad stuff – at least it happens to me. There is nothing that a pamper day won’t solve. I just feel so much better with myself and with the world! Sometimes the fact that you are so negative and upset can be just because you are exhausted from this daily routine so stop for a minute, take some time for yourself (half an hour will do) and just enjoy!


I have said this before but I have noticed that people tend to focus so much more in the bad things that life brings instead of the good ones, mostly because the good ones are the little, everyday moments. Taking that minute before going to bed to be grateful for something makes such a big change! If you read my Bullet Journal Post, you may know that I have a “Gratitude Monthly Log” that I fill in everyday of the month and I love doing that. There is always something to be grateful for, – you just have to look in the little things.


This is such a challenge and competitive world to live but you either enjoy and do the most of it or you have lost the best time of your life.

You will always have the ones that will put you down and will try to stop you from doing what you want or love. The best way to win them? Prove them wrong! And that’s all!

I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Believe me that even acknowledging that I am one of the most positive, dreamy people that I know, I also have my down days where I just want to punch everyone and cry a little bit but, those days are gone once I follow all of these tips.

What do you do to stay positive when everyone else is trying otherwise?



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