During this crazy busy life, it is so easy to forget or even take for granted the little things and everyday details that truly make us happy.

For the last four days I have been working at the hospital from 7.15am until 9pm and that basically gives me time to just eat and sleep. I get stressed, impatient and easily annoyed. I seriously feel sorry for my boyfriend because I am just moody all the time and it is not his fault – it is these 13 hour shifts that are killing me! Five in a row.

Anyways, while sat on my sofa ready for a good sleep to prepare myself for my last shift, I thought I would remind myself of the little things that make me happy!

1. Cuddles in bed. The best ones! All that I need, every day.

2. Toast with butter and jam. Oh my, I just love having this for breakfast when at work. Soooo good!

3. A film-nap. When I start watching a film and I just can’t help but to fall asleep. Those are the best naps ever! Or when my boyfriend is watching a football game and I just cuddle him and have a nap. Ohh, I need that.

4. Sunny walks around the park.

5. Cats. My cat, Leo. He is beautiful, sweet and so spoiled!

6. Sleeping until late – who doesn’t love it?

7. That after workout feeling. Although I hate working out and I have not done it for a while, it feels great the sweat and exhausting after exercising. It is the feeling of mission accomplished!

8. Bubble baths. Summer or winter, there is no better feeling than getting myself in the bath for half an hour while reading a book or just scrolling down my Instagram, snapchat or any other social media. So relaxing !

9. Clean bedding. Nothing better than going to bed with clean sheets , I just love the feeling.

10. Pasta. Doesn’t matter which one but I just love pasta a lot, I would have it every single day.

And there, 10 things that I absolutely adore and that make me happy. Believe me or not, finding out ten little things that you love might be harder than you thing. Again, we take so much for granted that we end up not appreciating it as much. So try it out yourself: everyday before bed, write down one thing your are grateful for or that just makes you smile.

*Sorry for such a quick and easy post but I really have not had time for anything and I feel so bad for skipping a post that I just can’t do it!

I hope you enjoyed it though!

Lots of love, Lisa.