February Recap // How I took my Blog to the Next Level

As February has finished, it is time for a recap of this short month. This won’t be something I will do every month but I just felt like it would be more than appropriate has February was a month of a lot of changes in regards to my blog.

I guess it was late January when I decided that I would blog frequently, with a regular blogging schedule. I have always loved the world of blogs and although I have tried so many times to build my own blog, I was never completely happy with it.

So in the beginning of February I said to myself: this will be the year were I will work as hard as I can on my blog. It is something I love to do so, why not? Being able to be my own boss and work from home has always been a dream and although I love my job as a staff nurse, I would not mind at all if I could blog full time.

Will that happen in 2016? I guess not and that is fine. But it is something I would love for it to happen and I will only know if I try. So it was more than time to do something for it! 

With this post, I want to share what I did to start this journey.

| Blog Name & Design |

If you knew me or this blog since it has started, I have changed it so many times! I have changed the design, the name, the header.. you name it. So it was time to stop! I needed a name that I love and that would describe the blog; a clean and easy to read design and a good blog header. The first two, I have achieved. As cliché or ordinary “Lisa’s World” may sound, it is a name that I love. I always wanted a blog name with my real name, so people could relate the blog to me and I thought Lisa’s World was just perfect. And I was right! Don’t regret it at all.

The design is something that can always be improved, so I am constantly looking for better designs or widgets to include. And the header.. oh, well… that is something that I am still working on!

| Planning/Scheduling |

One of the first things that I had to keep on my mind was that I will only be able to create a good, consistent blog if I planned ahead or scheduled my posts. I work as a staff nurse and so that means a lot of different shifts, including nights. And those night shifts almost stop me from doing anything. I loose all my energy. I sleep all day, work all night and have no time to do anything else. I hate it. So planning ahead was something I had to do (and still have). So, I got myself an amazing blog planner (for free) and, at first, decided that I would blog every other day.

Then, I noticed that that wasn’t as perfect as I wanted. So I chose specific days of the week to post, those days being Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, giving me a break of two days for the start of the other week.

I was and am quite happy with this but every once in a while (or should I say every week), I publish an extra post on Sunday. Those posts are something a bit more relaxing and that don’t require a lot of time to photograph, edit and all those time consuming things. It is the day of the week that I chose to ramble about anything that I want, normally more personal things.

| Custom Domain |

After reading a lot of other blogs and looking into the benefits of having my own custom domain, I decided to go for it. It shows how interested you are and how seriously you are about your blog. It just takes everything to the next level. I am so proud to have made the decision of buying my own domain. It just makes everything look much more professional and it is a great source of motivation – at least for me!

I bought mine at GoDaddy. It is quite easy and straight forward but if you need any help, I am more than happy to answer your questions!

| Inspiration |

Finding inspiration for my blog was something I used to struggle a lot. I think it was because I was thinking about what other people would like to read instead of thinking what do I want to write about. Of course that you should consider if the post will be helpful or beneficial to others but in reality, if you don’t have any passion for what you are writing about, people will notice that and will loose all the interest.

From the moment that I let go the thought of “will they like it?”, everything just got better! I find inspiration in all the little things and I am getting much more creative and it feels amazing.

Yet, I still have those bloggers block moments where I have no idea what to write about but that is easily solved by taking a couple of hours to read blogs, listening to music and just getting my mind of it.


| Engaging |

Things don’t just happen easily. If you want to bring traffic, views and followers to your blog, you have to work for it. And I don’t mean commenting just “please check my blog” – that doesn’t work and I hate it and I am sure other bloggers do too.

You will get more noticeable if you truly read other posts and make a real comment and simply leaving your link at the end.

Also, twitter chats. You need them! I was never a big fan of twitter, I couldn’t get to the point of what you could do with it. Then, I started using it and just discovering new things, one of them being the twitter chats for bloggers. They are so, so great and you get to meet amazing new bloggers and also get them to discover your blog.

| Taking Risks |

I have always thought that you had to have lots of followers to be contacted by brands or even to get in contact with them – you don’t. And I can tell you that because you can see how many followers I have and anyways, by taking risks, I have had a chance to work with two brands. One of them contacted me and the other reached out to me after they asked for bloggers on Twitter and I left them my link.

If you put your heart and soul into your blog, if you take it seriously and show your passion, hard work and commitment, you will be rewarded.

I am living proof of that and I am so, so proud of myself and what I have achieved in only one month of blogging seriously.


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