6 Things You Should Edit on Your Photos

How I Edit My Blog Photos

Did you ever wonder how that blogger took that perfect white, crisp photo in this cloudy UK weather? Well, I know I did wonder until I found the wonders of editing. No one ever takes that perfect shot without editing even just a tiny bit.

Although I am quite new and fresh in this blogging community, I have learnt quite a few things and I have been working hard on improving my photography – not only by using more props and flat lay photography but also by taking my time editing them.

For that, I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom but you can easily do the same with PicMonkey, a free online photo editor.

So, lets start with the 6 Things You Should Edit on Your Photos.

Blog Photo Before and After


Although I always photograph in front of my bedroom window, on top of my vanity, I always get that yellow toned photo. It might be something I could change on my camera settings, I don’t know. But with that lack of knowledge about my camera, I just stick with my editing. I always reduce the temperature slightly to bring back the whites and blues to the photo. This will get rid of those annoying yellow tones and now we are ready for the next step.


I like to say that this is were the magic happens. By increasing the exposure, you will make the photo looking brighter and airy. The trick while editing your photos is always to be light handed – you just want to enhance it, not change it completely. So just had enough to brighten the photo while making it look natural. Also, if you exaggerate with the exposure, you might wash out your subject and we don’t want that. 

White Balance

I love my photos very bright and white. So, apart from exposure, I also increase the white on my photos. Never too much, as again we only want to enhance the photo, but enough to make a difference and make it perfect.

Blog Photo Editing


Even if you photograph in front of a window, you can get some kind of undesirable shadows. With this feature, you will be able to decrease them by lowering the shadows. 


When I photograph makeup products or something very colorful, I always up the contrast or/and saturation enough to make the photo pop and look crisp. Again, not too much or too little but enough to make the colors pop and bring back some life to the photo.


Last but not least, I like to sharpen my photos. It is the perfect final touch to make your photos look crisp as it makes everything look more professional too.

These are the steps I take to edit my photos and I believe that they make a huge difference. Since I have started taking my time with the photos for my blog I have noticed that people are much more interested in my posts. Good quality photos are also one of the main things that will catch other peoples attention so, take your time with it.

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