How to Focus & be Productive when Working from Home

How to Focus When Working From Home

Some people are lucky enough to not leave the house to work – they can just do everything from the comfort of their home and  I think that is a blessing but that does not mean that it is easy.

Although I don’t blog full time and also don’t even earn any money from it, I take it as an hobbie but also a second job because I do want to be successful. This means that I have a regular blog schedule that I want to stick to and, sometimes, it gets hard – really hard.

I work as a nurse in the hospital and sometimes do 14 hour shifts. Most of the time my work schedule is crazy and it is very difficult to maintain my blog quite interesting and with different content.

So I thought I would write this post not only for you that is trying to work/blog from home but also for me – a reminder on how to focus when working from home.

Set an Alarm & Get Ready | When working/blogging from home, it is easy to keep yourself in your comfortable pajamas and you will notice how things will just drag and you end up doing nothing (or less than you were planning). I used to not get off my PJ’s and I would just feel frustrated at the end of the day because I wasn’t so productive and that’s when I decided to change. Now, I set an alarm for 9:30 am on my days off work. With this, I make sure I won’t just get lazy and stay in bed until midday. So I get up, wash my face, apply moisturizer, change to some leggings and a comfortable top, have breakfast and I am good to go.  

Setting an alarm makes everything better – it makes sure that I won’t stay in bed until midday and I will have that morning to photograph anything that I need for the blog. I always photograph in the morning!

Disconnect | Switch off from your Facebook or any other social media. Switch your phone off if you have too. I admit that this is something I never do but I am trying to improve. I have managed to start disconnecting from Facebook, although I still check my chat because I am always talking with my mom there.

Disconnecting from your social media or even favourite TV show will improve your productivity a million times, for sure!

Create a List | I have a strong relationship with To Do Lists. I love and could not survive without them. Even at work, as a nurse, my handover sheet if full of boxes to tick when completed and I am the same when it comes to my blog. I have lists for everything you can image and it works so well for me.

I normally write a list the previous day, while I am in bed just before I go to sleep. This helps a lot as I will know exactly what to do when I get up and I actually get quite excited – not only because I love to do lists but because I love blogging and I am always excited to work on it.

Schedule Work/Break Times | Again, something I don’t do at all but it came to my mind when writing this post. It is a great tip to schedule a time to work or even have a break for a tea, coffee or even meal. I get lost in time when I am working on my blog and then when I notice, it is 3 pm and way too late to be having lunch.

This will definitely be something I will try to do – set times to photograph, write that blog post that I have been meaning to do for ages, etc. A time for (almost) everything.

Create the Environment | I think this is the most important of all the tips I wrote until now. I never had a specific work place. I would write while comfortably sat on my sofa while my boyfriend was playing PS4 or watching his favourite TV Show or football game. But the writting process was always slow and I have to admit that my boyfriend tends to distract me a lot.

When I transformed my makeup station (you can see here), I have much more room and that made possible to use it as a work station too. I love how it looks so much that I want to sit there all the time working on my blog. I guess it is also a source of motivation too. So when I sit there and switch on my laptop, I know that it is time to work and I am much more productive! (Funny enough, I am writing this post at 11pm, sat on my sofa, with my head on my shoulder and almost falling asleep.. but I did not want to miss a post!)

Motivate Yourself | Well, this is an extra one and you might not need it but I always need an extra boost of motivation. Sometimes, taking half an hour to read some blogs is enough to give me that sparkle. Then, I start playing some music on Spotify and it is normally classical music. Not only it helps me to focus but also relaxes me a lot.

And this is it. Six tips you can follow when you want to be very productive when working from home. Do you have any extra tip you would like to add? Let me know on the comments bellow!

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