Gemporia Jewellery // Powerful Jewellery for Powerful Women

If there are great things about blogging, one of them is to get to know different and not so raved about brands with amazing products with a great variety, quality and price.

Recently I was introduced to Gemporia – a brand that believes that beautiful jewellery should not cost the earth, – and was kindly asked if I wanted to collaborate with them.

I am a lover of gemstone jewellery thanks to my boyfriend. He has offered me quite a few earrings, necklaces and bracelets with either Emeralds or Ruby and I absolutely love them.

So, when given the opportunity to collaborate with such a beautiful brand that creates unique jewellery with beautiful gemstones, I did not have to think twice – knowing that I could choose one of Gemporia’s beautiful pieces was so exciting for me!

I was kindly sent a ring from my choice and I went for something simple and delicate – because I believe that sometimes, the simple things are the ones that catch our attention the most.

With this post I want to show you that a stunning piece like that one can not be kept in the safe only for special occasions. It is so pretty, simple, delicate and shinny that it needs to be shown to the world so I enjoyed a beautiful walk in our local park and took some shots to show you this beautiful ring.

Gemporia is a family business where Steve travels the world sourcing an amazing variety of beautiful stones while his wife Sarah designs jewellery alongside raising their children. Using only genuine gemstones and precious metals, they work closely with charities (The Colourful Life Foundation) in order to support the communities where the gemstones are sourced from, something that I think that is incredibly great!

Gemporia creates a stunning variety of jewellery using always genuine gemstones offering the very best in stylish, affordable and responsibly made genuine gemstone jewellery.

With a huge variety of rings, necklaces and bracelets, I was kind of stuck when trying to choose something for me. They have amazing pieces that are absolutely stunning (and sparkly) at such affordable prices that it becomes really hard to make a decision.

I knew I wanted something special but yet very simple, elegant and classic that I could either wear on a normal day or dress up and wear it for a special event/dinner.

After looking for a couple of hours and asking my boyfriend for opinion, I decided to choose a sterling silver ring with a white serenity and topaz gemstone. I choose the Serenity & White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring*, a discrete but sparkly ring that any women will love.

What got me to choose this ring was the detail of the leaf that I absolutely adore. It gives a nice twist to the ring. It feels and looks amazing on my finger, it is very lightweight, comfortable and most of all, it is beautiful.

For the outfit, I kept it quite simple and neutral, throwing some clear jeans and a white top. On top, this purple-ish coat with a beautiful pale pink scarf and dark burgundy hand bag. Although it does sound like quite a mix of colors, I think it paired quite well and complimented the whole look.

Also, the ring gives that elegant touch and, again, it is so, so delicate and pretty!

Sometimes, gemstones and sparkly jewellery can get stuck in our jewellery box and will only come out at that special day but with this ring I feel that you can certainly wear it on a daily basis if you wish as it is very delicate and discrete but will still make you feel special and extra glamorous.

I have to say that the best thing about Gemporia Jewellery is not only the variety of products they have but also the price range that they go for. They have the most affordable pieces you could think but still with a great design and quality and that is key!

If you are a lover of beautiful, sparkly jewellery with unique styles, great quality and amazing prices, you definitely have to visit Gemporia’s website.

They also have a beautiful Instagram feed and twitter account that you can follow and keep up with the newest collections.

What do you think about the ring? Are you someone that loves gemstone jewellery? Let me know on the comments bellow.