My Vanity // Inexpensive Transformation

I have been trying to improve my makeup station / vanity for ages. I did the horrible mistake of buying a non washable black desk and I never thought about all the foundation, powders and other hundreds of things that falls out when I am doing my makeup. So lately my vanity has been looking quite disgusting and untidy. I wanted to share this little transformation that did not took me loads of money and maybe I will inspire you a little bit or give you some hope. You vanity can look great if you want to.

Here is the before picture.

Looking at it like this it does not look horrible at all. I just felt that it was not organized, it was always dirty (can you see that big stain there?), my brush holder was pink – something that never made sense for me –  and I had products thrown around all over the place because this desk only has one drawer that is filled with eye shadow palettes and powders. So I had enough of all of this and decided to change.

To start off I needed to cover those stains and that was when I thought about adhesive paper. On Amazon they have such a great variety you have no idea. Including marble adhesive paper too. I was blown away. I found a Black Wood Grain Paper Adhesive that would look perfect as you probably would not even tell that wasn’t real so I order that and looks amazing!

So, so easy to apply and it just made this desk look like new. It was a great start.

Then, for some organization a bought some acrylic makeup organizers. I already had the lipstick holder that I got from Amazon too. To be honest it is not worth that price. Although it does look good you can tell that the acrylic is cheap quality but anyways I was not up to buying another lipstick holder. This one would do!

So like I said, I had a few items thrown away behind the mirror, portrait, etc. And I wanted to have a place where I could keep them without forgetting about it. An acrylic makeup holder is the perfect idea for that!

I found quite a nice one on eBay for a fair price and so I took a chance. It has three drawers that are quite long but not too big – for example it does not fit my L’oreal Infallible Foundation. But it does the job and I managed to store a lot of my makeup there as you can see on the photo bellow. I actually love this and I think that the quality is great.

The brush holder I had previously – that pink ugly one – was one from my first every brushes that I got from ebay or something. I was starting with makeup and so I bought  some cheap brushes that came with that holder. It is actually small for the amount of brushes I have now and it is pink. It doesn’t go with anything I have in my room so, what was the point? 

So, again on Amazon I found some Osco Acrylic Pen Holders that from the reviews said that it was great for brushes. Online they look quite small so I wasn’t sure if it would fit every brush I own but I was quite surprised when they got delivered.

They are a great size for brushes, the acrylic is quite thick and strong so it won’t break so easily. I ordered two and put one against each other and it just looks perfect! It was my favorite item from all these purchases. 

Here is the before and after:

This is the the final result! I am in love with my vanity, it looks amazing and I just want to sit there and look at it forever. Here you have some more photos.