Know the Blogger // 20 Random Facts About Me

When reading other blogs, something I really appreciate is reading posts where they talk about themselves. It allows the reader to get to know them better and establish a connection with the blogger.

So I decided to share tiny little facts about me today. Ready?

1. I am the laziest person I know. Some days I can’t even move out of the sofa.

2. But am I also very tidy. I like to have everything in place. So since I have moved out of my parent’s house and came to the UK I have been doing a lot more than I used to.

3. I don’t like feet. I think feet are ugly and I hate having to touch feet.

4. I used to bite my nails, a lot. Now I have been behaving and controlling myself.

5. I play the piano and acoustic guitar. I also like to sing but that doesn’t mean I am good at it.

6. My favourite film is La Vita è Bella.

7. I cry easily at weddings. Or even if I am watching a film and they get married. I cry.

8. My biggest dream is to get married. And I guess that is why I cry every time I watch a romantic film with a beautiful wedding.

9. I like to think I am a good cooker. But I know that what I just do is throw a lot of ingredients in a pan and thinks just work out pretty well.

10. I have a boyfriend, M. We have been dating for almost 5 years now. Wow.. that is a long time already!

11. I would love to go to Paris, Italy and Greece.

12. I prefer a night in, cuddling and watching films than a night out on a crazy Monday. Although it is good once in a while to go out for a change.

13. Italian is a language I absolutely adore. I think it is such a pretty language and so romantic. I would love to learn how to speak Italian.

14. I don’t want to stay and live in the UK. I want to go back to Madeira as soon as I can.

15. My biggest fear is death. Not just my own death but my loved ones specially.

16. I much prefer crisp than chocolates. 

17. My current addiction is makeup and shoes. I can’t control it.

18. I would love to get a job where I could work from home. Guess that with being a nurse that will never work out! Haha

19. My favourite TV Show is Supernatural and Greys Anatomy! Are you with me?

20. I love to swim and that is something I miss while living here in the UK although I do go to Madeira every summer!