Workout Essentials // Home Edition

Joining a gym was something I never had the courage to do. First, no way I am going on my own – it is too much to deal with. Second, I know I would not stick with it so it would be a total waste of my money.

So, for the last month or so I have been trying to workout from home. I found Fitness Blender on YouTube a while ago but only recently I have been actually exercising with them instead of watching their videos while comfortably sat on my sofa.

They have a lot of videos where no equipment is needed but I got to the point were I wanted to do more and push myself harder so I gathered a few things to add to my little home-gym sessions. If you want to do it too, here is what you will need.

Workout Outfit . Yes, I know it is obvious but it is the first and the most basic thing you will need. Not only it is an essential but it also is a motivation source. Having new clothes to workout with is a great form of stimulation for me.

I am loving the Primark workout gear! They are as affordable as you can get, amazingly comfortable and also very stylish. 

Dumbells/Weights . Like I said, many of the Fitness Blender workout videos do not need any equipment but if you want to push yourself harder, weights are a great add on to your workout essentials. Find out what will best suit you or what weights you will be able to lift without feeling like you are breaking your arms and buy a couple. I bought two 2.5 kg weights and I love them. Exercising with weights is something I love to do. It is very challenging and it just makes everything a little bit more difficult – something that we want when working out. Your body can easily get used to some movements and exercises so adding some weights will make it harder.

Leg Weights . Working my arms is something I am trying to do more but we cannot forget our little legs, right? Recently I bought some leg weights and I absolutely adore them. You can not only use them while exercising but you can also wear them while you are just walking around the house and doing some cleaning. It adds that tad bit of extra weight that will make your legs work harder. I love them. Mine are only 1.5 kg each but believe me that with repeated movements they do make a lot of a difference!

Resistance Rope . Well, this essential I have to blame my boyfriend for. He was the one to get it but I actually love using it for my workout routines too. It is a different way of working your arms, legs and even your abs and butt. It is incredible what a resistance rope can make you feel! One day I had the brilliant idea of following a 30 minutes video using a resistance rope and let me tell you that by the end I was dying. My body was all shaky, I could barely walk down the stairs without feeling like I would fall. It was intense! And that is why I like it so much!

Mobile Phone . Yes this is an essential, believe me. Working out can be painful, really painful. So if you have your mobile phone near by that can change the whole thing. Watch your favourite YouTube videos or listen to some great music on your Spotify and that can change everything.

I am always with my phone when I am working out, even if it is just to play the Fitness Blender video I will be doing but mostly I use it to listen to some music.

It takes your mind off the pain you are feeling in that moment and time just flies by.

And these are my workout essentials at the moment. I have been enjoying quite a lot this exercising from home thing. I have to admit that I could to it more often but I am just too lazy and cannot be bother but when I push myself to do it, it feels great afterwards. So you should definitely try it out.

What are your workout essentials?