Get a Perfect Wing Liner with L’oreal Superliner Perfect Slim

Loreal Superliner Perfect Slim

A sexy cat eye was something that I have always loved and envied but was never able to achieve. I have tried gel liner, pens, eye shadow and nothing would work for me. I was just not good at it at all.

At some point, I found that tape could be your best friend to achieve a very sharp and defined wing but for an everyday quick cat eye, it was not the perfect trick. It would be too time consuming for me and therefore, I would never do a wing liner to go to work.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that for you too achieve great results, you need a great tool or product by your side. I guess that after all this time I was using the wrong tools and getting frustrated about it!

Loreal Superliner Perfect Slim Cat EyeIt was only a few months ago – maybe three months – that I discovered the L’oreal Superliner Perfect Slim in Intense Black and let me tell you that my life has changed after discovering this beautiful eyeliner pen. Doing my cat eye has become easier the more I would practice.

The L’oreal Superliner Perfect Slim is an eyeliner pen with a very thin felt tip, perfect to achieve that sharp wing. It is also soft, not being to harsh on your skin but yet, it gives you enough precision to create a beautiful cat eye.

It retails at Boots or Superdrug for £9.99 but currently it is £6.99.

The color payoff is actually very good, considering it is a felt it. It is the blackest black I have seen for an eyeliner pen. The only down side of it is that it is not waterproof and for someone that has watery eye like me, that is a must have. Yet, that did not stop me from using this pen and loving it all the way!

I can do my eyeliner in three minutes and that is a Guinness World Record for me!

Secret to a Perfect Cat EyeFirst of, I start drawing the wing. A very thin line going up towards the end of my brow. The pointy tip of this pen allows me to create a defined, sharp line.

Then I go ahead and draw a very fine line as close to my lash line as possible. Again, the shape of the tip of the pen is perfect for doing a cat eye as thick or as thin as you wish.

After drawing that line, I simply connect everything with small, precised strokes until I get the shape that I am aiming for.

Again, if your eyes get quite watery, the color might smudge a little bit if the eyeliner is not completely dry. Sometimes I have that problem but honestly, I can draw my wing so quickly that I don’t even care about that small little annoying detail about the L’oreal Superliner Perfect Slim.

For me, this pen has been working perfectly for the last three months. I bought my second one already and I am going for the third one in a couple of weeks. Doing a cat eye has became so easy with this little thing that I just want to slay a wing liner everyday, for the rest of my life!

Have you ever tried this product or what is your secret to achieve a perfect, sharp cat eye?