Fashion // Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I bet that you all are thinking about what to wear on this special day. Whether you have or not have a date for Valentine’s, you can always put together a fierce, sexy, beautiful outfit to go out with your friends! So I hope this post gives you some inspiration.

I have put together the outfit I will be wearing for my date night with my boyfriend M. and decided to show you guys. I bought all of these items online, something I never did before! Of course I order loads of things online but it is never clothing items as I am afraid it won’t fit and I just can’t be bother with all the returning process and bla bla. But this time everything went well and I got the hang of it! This means I have to watch my wallet very carefully now! haha

So here is the outfit! And the best of it all is that most of these items were bought in sale!

With this cold UK weather it is important to not only keep yourself warm but also very stylish. I have always wanted a faux fur coat but never seemed to find one that I fell in love with. It was only until I put my eyes on the Quiz Faux Fur Long Sleeve Coat at Debenhams that I absolutely adored and it had to be mine. Unfortunately, at the moment is out of stock in black but it is available in blush and it is as stunning and the black one!

It is the softest thing ever and you just feel so cozy while wearing it and still very chic! A must have!

I am not a women of bright colours. Most of my clothes are neutral and going for a red dress was like getting out of the box for me. But every time I looked at this dress in store I loved it. I loved the shape, the fabric, it just looked classy. But here in store it was only available in white and I think I am already pale enough. And also they never had my size. So I did some online research and after digging and digging I found this Miss Selfridge Asymmetric Wrap Dress in Red, just as I wanted, at John Lewis. And it was a bargain – ,£15 instead of £39. Right?

I bought it in size 8 because in the photo online it looks quite loose and so I thought sizer 8 would be great. And it is but it shows all the curves I have, something I didn’t expect. But one thing is certain – I feel really good in it, I think it is very flattering and it enhances my body shape. And again, even though I am not a women that wear vibrant colours, I think that this read is perfect for the occasion. And with the Faux Fur Coat on top of it it looks so pretty!

Now lets talk about the shoes! I am not a pro when it comes to walking on heels. I am actually pretty bad. Stilletos are something that scares me and always will. I will never be able to walk on those. But I am ok with platform shoes or block heels. Although I am not someone that will wear heels everyday, since I bought these River Island boots that, by the way are so comfortable and I could run a marathon with them and survive. So now I know my limits. Block heels are the way to go! So when I saw these Black Block Heels with Ankle Strap at New Look’s website I absolutely fell in love (similar here). They looked comfortable and also they are a style of shoes that you can wear over winter and with thighs without worrying about your toes, something that is a pet peeve of mine. Unfortunately they are not available anymore, although I only purchase them last week, but they have these very similar with open toe.

For accessories, I chose these three pieces as I thought it would go perfectly with the outfit. I only own the Pandora Bracelet with a Rose Gold Clasp. I have a very similar clutch that I will pair with this outfit – the one in the photo above is from Forever 21. The earnings are quite simple but give a light but significant sparkle to the look. They are from River Island. Stunning aren’t they?