Designers Clothing // Every Woman’s Dream w/ Farfetch

There is nothing more than a women would want than a designer piece in her wardrobe. It does not matter your religion, where are you from or who you live with – a women always dreams about that designer bag, shoes or sunglasses. 

Coming across Farfetch website and their variety in designer pieces, I could not help myself but to create a look inspired by a beautiful pair of sunglasses that I absolutely fell in love with – the Matthew Williamson Round Frame Sunglasses. They are just a dream and the perfect style for this Spring/Summer. I absolutely adore the degradê between from yellow to blue on the lenses – the right colors for a warm and sunny spring/summer day.

If Farfetch is unknown to you, you have been living under a rock. Farfetch is an amazing and revolutionary way to buy fashion, founded in 2008. It is a global community of over 400 fashion boutiques put together on one well designed and easy to navigate website that delivers straight from the boutique to your door.

Feeling so inspired by the yellow and blue degradê that turn the sunglasses into something special and unique, I put together this outfit that is perfect for a spring/summer night out or any event that you have to attend. Yes, it is pretty expensive but at the same time it is a dream. It is out of the ordinary but still a very stylish, chic and wearable look. I imagine myself wearing these pieces while walking down the promenade on my summer holidays in Madeira, ready to go out for a delicious lunch or dinner with my boyfriend. 

Farfetch Designer Outfit

Something very interesting about the Farfetch website is that they guide you and help you to choose the perfect sunglasses for you. They advise you according to your face shape and in my opinion that is a great feature on their website. You can click here and visit the website page that has the perfect guide on how to choose the perfect sunglasses.

I have an oval shaped face, therefore, following their video, wide frames compliment my features and thicker frames add definition. So the wider and the thicker they are, the best they will enhance my features. On the other side, thin styles can look slightly misplaced so they would not be the best option.

Even before watching this video, thick and wide sunglasses were the ones I would always go for as they normally fit perfectly and look really nice and flattering on me – although on my very small sunglasses collection, I also own a pair of round sunglasses from Zara and I love how they look too.

That is one of the reasons why on this style I got out of the box, out of my comfort zone and chose something completely different.

The cat eye shape on these Matthew Williamson Round Frame Sunglasses is something that is very appealing to me. Adding the amazing lenses that just remind me of the sun and the sea, I could not have fallen more in love with them. They are the perfect sunglasses for this summer!

Grabbing the color range of the Matthew Williamson Round Frame Sunglasses, I styled this beautiful outfit. First, a pair of amazing, stunning High Wasted Dolce & Gabanna Striped Shorts. I love showing my legs on a spring/summer day and thought these would look perfect!

I paired them with a beautiful Silk Blouse by Martha Medeiros, a Brazilian designer. It has such a gorgeous color and shine to it that I could not resist.

Talking about the shoes, I decided to go all the way – high heels, gold, shiny, beautiful! They are the Giuseppe Zanotti Design, Coline Metallic Leather Sandals – the statement piece on this full outfit. It sure catches everyone’s attention, don’t you think?

Last but not least, the bag: a classic, black Yves Saint Laurent Medium “Université Monogram” Shoulder Bag. This piece puts the all outfit together, it creates a perfect match, a perfect look.

I am seriously in love with this style that I have created with the help of the amazing Farfetch website, were I lost myself for hours dreaming about all the designer clothes and accessories I wish I could own.

I hope you fell in love for this look, just as much as I did. Which designer piece would you love to own?