6 Things I have Learned While Living Abroad

You may or may not know that almost three years ago I was “forced” to move abroad. And I say “forced” because I would stay in Portugal if I could but the reality was that as a nurse, I would not get a job and if I did, I would get paid £2/hour like some people I know. That was not what I wanted for my life and so, because of all the politic’s bad decisions and the condition that my country was, I was forced to move abroad.

Moving abroad is a major step in your life. Whether it was something you have always wanted to do or, like me, something you had to do, it is a big decision and a massive challenge. It is not easy and it probably never will be but from my experience I can say that it is totally worth it.

I decided to give a twist to this blog and put aside the beauty blog posts and bring to you something more personal. I love writing posts like this and I am planning to do it more often.

Today I am sharing with you six things I have learned from moving abroad.

Good friendships last forever. Bad ones will blow with the wind.

I have never had many friends but I always thought that the ones I had and have are the best ones ever. I also know that I am not the perfect friend and probably not the most caring in the world but one thing I do value is friendship. It does not matter how long we don’t speak to each other as long as we both know that we will be there whenever is needed. I feel that that is what friendship is all about.

Being abroad and having a completely different routine and lifestyle than your friends is normal. But that will be the main reason why you stop talking so regularly. But with moving abroad I noticed that the good ones, my true friends, have been always there for me. And every time I go back to Portugal we meet, go for a coffee or a night out and share all of our stories from the last couple of months.

Grown up life is difficult but worth it.

I have always said that I could not wait for the day were I finished uni and started working. In my thoughts, working was easier than studying and bla bla bla. I was wrong, I admit. It is hard work, you feel exhausted and you can’t just not work or pretend you are listening or sleep with your head on the table like those uni old times. But then again, it is worth it.

I love nursing and although it can be a very stressful work, it is very rewarding – personally and financially too. I cannot complaint. It is good to have that pay slip in the end of the month and being able to buy what you want, when you want or if you want to. I was never the one to ask my mom for stuff all the time so having now the freedom and being able to afford my little things and makeup obsessions is great. Also I have my house, my little corner with M. that we are renting and I love this. I love having my own routine, my own rules.

I still love everytime I go back home but I do miss doing things when I want to ! haha

Trust Nobody.

At least for the first months, believe me. I had a ruff start – a story to another post -, people that I thought that were supportive and would help me no matter what left me on the edge of the cliff and did not offer a little hand. The first employer I had was horrendous and exploited workers – specially foreign workers. I  had a bad time, seriously. And the only person I could trust was my boyfriend that was here with me and my family that was far, far away. Oh, and google while I was doing my research to get rid of them.

Nowadays I have a lot of more people who I could trust and would give me a hand if something happened. But in the begging you can be exploited without even knowing if you are not aware of your rights and what is correct or not. It happened to me and I am no fool. But bad things happen to good people and that is life.

You learn a LOT.

Like I said, I have had a ruff start and that thought me a lot. But even if everything goes smooth, moving abroad is a life lesson. You learn about a different culture, different ways of being in your life. You learn a LOT about yourself too – about your limits, your strengths and weakness.

I know I am not better than anyone else but I do know that this life journey made me wiser than any 24 year old women out there. It does not matter how old you are but the life you take. Life is what gives you wisdom.

Your Relationship gets Stronger.

Well, this is my personal experience and not everyone can be the same. But me and my boyfriend came together and at that time we were dating for two years. What we have be through since we moved to the UK has made us stronger persons but also a stronger couple.

We never ever had a big fight. We trust and support each other no matter what. We share a house and a life together and therefore this is how it should be. Of course that we have our disagreements but that is a normal, everyday life kind of thing!

You are Stronger than you Think.

I never thought I could handle being away from my family. I never thought I could do grown up things from one moment to another. I had no preparation or whatsoever.  I went from living in my parents house without paying any bills to moving to another country, my own house, paying those outstanding bills, It is a big change, a great challenge but never think you won’t be capable of doing it. You will! Everything might look scary but you are stronger and wiser than you think. You are in control and everything will be alright.

This is a world of opportunities so, embrace them!