“You are wasting the best years of your life”, they say.

In life you come across a lot of things, challenges and although I am only 24 years old, I have been through a lot of things in my life. Having to move to another country for my own good was one of them and although it was the worst decision of my life to leave my family, in the end, it turned out to also be the best one and it has been such a great experience.

Leaving your family, your country, makes you appreciate all the little things even more. It also makes you think about your purpose in this life. Makes you think about your goals and priorities.

But I have found that people that have been through the same situation as I have, have completely different views in life and that is fine. What I don’t agree or like is when I get told “You are loosing the best years of your life”.

I have friends here in the UK that just like me, came all the way over from Portugal to work here. They like to travel, enjoy life. They also don’t have a long term relationship. And although that should not be a barrier or a limitation to enjoy life in that way, it does change things quite a lot. I know that because we share our thoughts and life goals and mine are completely different than theirs.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years and 6 months now. We have lived together for almost three years. We made the decision of moving to the UK with a very specific goal: build our house back in Madeira, Portugal.

So every decision we make while living here in the UK, that dream, goal or whatever you want to call it is always at the back of our minds.

So excuse me if I don’t want to travel to India, Amsterdam or any other places because I know that travelling includes spending a lot of money sometimes and I am not up to that. Do I not get to enjoy life because of this decision I have made? I do!

I go back to Madeira almost every three to four months to see my family and enjoy the good weather and landscapes. I travel, when I can, when I want. But travelling is not a goal for me. It is not a need. So I am ok with that. I am saving money and every time I save a bit more I am another step closer of my big dream: my house.

So… you look at me and you say I am wasting the best years of my life. I look at you and say that I am enjoying these years of my life to have even better ones living in Madeira, having my own house with my beautiful boyfriend M., our two or three kids, a dog and a cat.

When I get to that day where I am looking out of the window of my new home I will be thinking about all the places I have not been. all the new people I have not met and I will be smiling. Smiling because every little effort as made a big difference and I will be living the best years of my life, like I have always dreamed about.

So stop saying I am wasting the best years of my life. I am actually enjoying the best years of my life now, and I will enjoy it even more later on.