OPI Nail Streghtener // Nail Savior

My nails have been a problem to me since I can remember. When I was little, I had the bad habit of biting my nails endlessly. I don’t really know why I used to do it. I guess maybe any type of anxiety, as little as it could be, would trigger this addiction that was biting my nails. Then high school came and all the girls had nice nails apart from me haha So I gradually lost the habit of biting my nails and started wearing nail polish. That helped me not to bite them as it would ruin everything.

Nowadays I don’t bite my nails anymore but they are not the strongest nails at all. When mentioning this to one of my friend a few months ago, she said that OPI had a great nail strengthener and that I should definitely try it. I did and it has been doing wonders to my nails

OPI Nail Envy is for weak, damaged nails and it claims to improve your nails giving them more strength with wheat protein and calcium – for longer, harder, stronger nails.

I was never able to have my nails long as they would break quite easily. With this nail strengthener things have changed! I risk myself to say that it might be one of the best nail strengtheners out there.

So the indications are to apply two layers on the first day and then for the next 6 days you have to apply one extra layer per day. So by the seventh day you should remove the nail polish and start over again.

In the first week the difference is barely visible. I did notice a different shine to my nails but nothing else.

I guess after the third week it was when I looked at my nails and went “oh… they look healthy!”. They were much longer, stronger and thicker. All because of this nail strengthener. Actually, thinking about it, I probably have skipped a few days of applying it so I did not do it religiously. So I guess if you do stick to that routine you will notice the results much earlier.

I have to say that I never, ever liked my nails. They were very weak and the shape was weird, maybe because of biting them for so many years. But now, since I have been using this nail strengthener – about 4 months now – I love them!

They don’t say for how long you have to use it but they do mention it can be used under a colour nail polish and it still works as good too. But you should only start doing this when you have actually noticed a difference on your nails.

OPI Nail Strengthener retails at Boots for  £18.65 which for me is quite pricey – although totally worth it – but you can get it also on Amazon for £11.35 and I actually have bought it twice for £9. So it is a matter of keeping an eye out for a good deal if you don’t want to spend almost £19 in a nail strengthener.

Have you ever tried this product? Let me know what you think about it.